2015: It’s now illegal to be homeless, at least in Columbia, South Carolina.

It’s now illegal to be homeless, at least in Columbia, South Carolina.  Homeless people are set to be shipped off to a camp on the outskirts of town – but the kicker is that the shelter only has 250 beds, which are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Once you’re in the camp, there’s no way of leaving, and there’s no room for the other thousand homeless residents left in the city.  Sound too crazy to be true?  Just watch the video.

2014: Over 100,000 Homeless People Have Been Moved Into Homes & It Isn’t Stopping There! One Of The Most Profound Movements Ever!

Whether you live in a major metropolis or a small town, chances are you’ve seen homeless people sleeping or wandering the streets at some point. On those cold and ruthless winter nights I can’t help but feel compassion and misery for anyone who doesn’t have warm food, clothing, or a bed to help ease the sub-zero temperatures. In Canada alone it is estimated that at least 200,000 experience homelessness in a year. This number is substantiated by an even larger number of homeless people in the United States, coming in at an unsettling 1.7 million. One can’t help but ask ourselves the daunting question, “what can I do to help?” A Backwards Solution Enter 100k Homes. Sparked by the belief that conventional homelessness interventions were not working efficiently enough, 100k Homes is bringing a backwards-considered approach to solving the homelessness crisis. For years, homeless service providers worked to offer medical […] Read More

2014: “Feeding The Homeless” Is A Crime In Increasingly More US Cities

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, Have you ever given food to a homeless person?  Well, if you do it again in the future it might be a criminal act depending on where you live.  Right now, there are dozens of major U.S. cities that have already passed laws against feeding the homeless.  As you will read about below, in some areas of the country you can actually be fined hundreds of dollars for just trying to give food to a hungry person.  I know that sounds absolutely insane, but this is what America is turning into.  Communities all over the country are attempting to “clean up the streets” by making it virtually illegal to either be homeless or to help those that are homeless.  Instead of spending more money on programs to assist the homeless, local governments are bulldozing tent cities and giving homeless people […] Read More

2012: Where have the homeless gone?

The city, it turns out, has absolutely no idea By Rachel Brahinsky To read the headlines in the San Francisco Chronicle a few weeks back, you’d think Mayor Gavin Newsom‘s homeless policies have just about solved the problems of the city’s street people. Thanks to new services and housing, Newsom’s latest count showed the city hosting nearly 3,000 fewer homeless than in 2002. Newsom credited the shift to his programs, including Care Not Cash, and the administration’s “housing first” policy. It’s true that about 700 homeless people have been given housing through Care Not Cash, which is unquestionably a good thing. But since it began, more than 1,000 others have disappeared from its welfare rolls – and the Department of Human Services, which administers the program, has no idea where they’ve gone. At least that’s what was indicated in DHS‘s response to a recent Bay Guardian public records request, […] Read More