2015: Evidence Suggests That Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Human Evolution Is Wrong

*We are aware that this is a controversial topic, with lots of information to look at. This is a tidbit, and we just wanted to express our belief that there are still many undiscovered truths to be uncovered when it comes to the *theory* of evolution. We are not suggesting that evolution did not or has not occurred in nature, because we have enough evidence to conclude that it did.  Darwin’s work was definitely well thought out, well documented, and scientifically sound, but the evolutionary process that he documented in nature may not apply to us. There is a growing body of evidence proving that Darwin’s theory does not account for the facts of human origin as they’re known today. There has been a widespread acceptance of the theory of evolution, yet no mention of the evidence which counters its claim. Instead, we’ve watched a lengthy search for physical evidence to prove it, […] Read More


In your time, it seems very odd to many that what is occurring is a vibrational shift. The truth is that those who embrace the shift in these terms will be the survivors. For there is nothing in the universe that is not vibration. It is time to embrace your true essence. You are luminous beings – light particles which are part of the grand scheme of things. Holding on to third dimensional reality alone excludes the majority of possibilities, including the possibility that you might all survive the cataclysmic changes that the coming solar years will bring to Earth. There is much good use of resources on your planet. The Sun is the Key. The Sun and the knowledge that we are all vibration and light. New powers are coming to you. These include the power to see things as they really are. Thought creates reality. You can […] Read More

2012: Why Metaphysics?

What is metaphysics, and why should we bother studying it? What benefits does it have for humanity? What is its purpose? How will its teachings help advance society? How will it assist our civilization and culture to progress? How will our lives be re-created individually and collectively with the application of metaphysical principles? Questions abound concerning metaphysics, for people intuitively feel that it may have something precious to offer in terms of facilitating personal growth and self-empowerment. Among those spiritually inclined, it has become a “prime directive” to understanding their lives in terms of metaphysical principles and concepts such as multi-dimensional realities, the Higher Self, love, karma, reincarnation, etheric energies, psychicism, oneness with all, cosmic beings, the ascension, etc., and some of the causes of this higher thinking and awareness is the thinning of the cosmic veil between dimensions; the increased contact with invisible forces; the influence of intense […] Read More

2000: Lakota Prophecies

Mitakuye (my relative), I, Chief Arvol Looking Horse, of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nation, ask you to understand an Indigenous perspective on what has happened in America, what we call “Turtle Island.” My words seek to unite the global community through a message from our sacred ceremonies to unite spiritually, each in our own ways of beliefs in the Creator. We have been warned from Ancient Prophecies of these times we live in today, but have also been given a very important message about a solution to turn these terrible times around. To understand the depth of this message you must recognize the importance of Sacred Sites and realize the interconnectedness of what is happening today, in a reflection of the continued massacres that are occurring on other lands and our own Americas. I have been learning about these important issues since the age of 12, upon receiving […] Read More

Seeming “Discrepancies”

TO THE EDITOR OF THE “THEOSOPHIST“     I have lately been engaged in devoting a few evenings’ study to your admirable article, “FRAGMENTS OF OCCULT TRUTH,” which deserves far more attention than a mere casual reading. It is therein stated that the translated Ego cannot span the abyss separating its state from ours, or that it cannot descend into our atmosphere and reach us; that it attracts but cannot be attracted, or, in short, that no departed SPIRIT can visit us.     In Vol. I., page 67, of “Isis,” I find it said that many of the spirits, subjectively controlling mediums, are human disembodied spirits, that their being benevolent or wicked in quality largely depends upon the medium’s private morality, that “they cannot materialise, but only project their ætherial reflections on the atmospheric waves.” On page 69: “Not every one can attract human spirits, who likes. One of the most powerful […] Read More

1913: A Nosegay of Everlasting

FROM KATHERINE TINGLEY’S GARDEN OF HELPFUL THOUGHTS Taken from Katherine Tingley‘s Speeches, 1913 Originally published in 1914 by the Students of the Raja Yoga College, Point Loma, California, USA. Dedicated to KATHERINE TINGLEY With Love and Gratitude   In their childhood and youth, in their young manhood and womanhood, she has been to her Raja Yoga Students, Teacher, Counselor, and Inspirer; ever aiding them to abandon whatever is unworthy, dishonorable, base and selfish; and ever seeking to evoke in them whatever is pure, true, brave and generous. These sayings have been garnered, with the hope that they may be preserved and spread broadcast; for they will help all who read them to eradicate the weeds from their own character-gardens, that the flowers may blossom with new fragrance and beauty. — THE GLEANERS.   ___________ “Ye are not bound! the Soul of Things is sweet, The Heart of Being is […] Read More

1998: The Seven Principles of Man

An Ancient Basis for a New Psychology By Leoline L. Wright Published as part of a set in the 1930s and ’40s by Theosophical University Press; Revised Electronic Edition copyright © 1998 by Theosophical University Press. Electronic version ISBN 1-55700-104-9. All rights reserved. This edition may be downloaded for off-line viewing without charge. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial or other use in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of Theosophical University Press. Because of current limitations in ASCII character fonts, and for ease in searching, no diacritical marks appear in the electronic version of the text. CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introductory Chapter 2: The Monad Chapter 3: The Higher Triad Chapter 4: The Lower Quaternary Chapter 5: Kama-Manas — The Personality Chapter 6: We Are Rooted in a Sevenfold Universe Chapter 7: An […] Read More

The Creation Myth of the Huron and the Iroquois

In the beginning, there as nothing but water–nothing but a wide, wide sea.  The only people in the world were the animals that live in and on water. Then down from the sky world a woman fell, a divine person.  Two loons flying over the water happened to look up and see her falling.   Quickly they placed themselves beneath her and joined their bodies to make a cushion for her to rest upon.  Thus they saved her from drowning. While the held her, they cried with a loud voice to the other animals, asking their help.  Now the cry of the loon can be heard at a great distance over water, and so the other creatures gathered quickly. As soon as Great Turtle learned the reason for the call, he stepped forth from the council. “Give her to me,” he said to the loons.   “Put her on my back.  […] Read More

2002: Are We the Galaxy’s Dumbest Civilization?

Jan. 31, 2002 by Seth Shostak – Senior Astronomer What does it mean to be intelligent? I get this question a lot, given the fact that “intelligence” is the last word of the SETI acronym. “Is there intelligence on Earth?” wags will ask (and by so doing, make their query relevant). What defines a species as intelligent, and how do SETI researchers decide? SETI folk are mostly interested in alien intelligence, not the brainpower of the local school kids. But investigating terrestrial IQs may help us estimate how often sentient beings evolve elsewhere. To test human intelligence is straightforward, if controversial. But how can we assess the brainpower of other critters? One approach taken by biologists is to compute an “encephalization quotient,” which is really no more than a measure of how weighty the brain is for an animal of a given body size. Of course, bigger bodies usually […] Read More