2014: Geologists Reveal A Relationship Between Mysterious Siberian Craters & The Bermuda Triangle

Since it was discovered, a group of scientists have been working hard to figure out more secrets about one of the three mysterious holes that were spotted in Siberia last July. The scientists have new information about the mysterious crater on the Yamal Peninsula in Northern Siberia, which will hopefully help find where the holes came from. The scientists succeeded to reach the bottom of the newly-formed crater and made it back with some amazing pictures. The hole was believed to be formed in September 2013; there are many theories about the way this and other similar phenomenon were formed. Actually, this amazing, bizarre hole is not the only one in Siberia. A few weeks later, two other craters with mysterious sources were found relatively nearby. Speculations as to what caused the crater include meteorite impact, weapons testing and even aliens taking soil samples! Moreover, believe it or not, […] Read More

The hardest meteor hits in History

The planet we all live on is under attack by space debris all the time but since most of them are burnt and destroyed into the atmosphere so it is not usually a problem. And when one meteor manages to penetrate the destructive power of the Earth’s atmosphere, reaching the ground in the size of a small stone, the damage it can do is minimized decisively. Of course, once in a while (meaning every thousand or even millions of years) some huge meteorites manage to impinge on Earth almost intact and then do a lot of damage. Despite the rarity of the phenomenon, these impacts are significant, with the signs left on Earth’s landscape serving as a grim reminder of the power of the Universe, which can wipe the human presence off the world at any time. Let’s see some amazing craters created by cosmic threats that threatened to […] Read More

1996: Village on the Moon?

Note: you should view these images in the highest resolution possible with imaging software rather than your browser for best results. This mosaic of Clementine UVVIS images covers the center of the impact crater Tycho. It was formed when a large meteorite (or comet) slammed into the Moon. The version on the right is a 3 color composite (415 nm, 750 nm, 1000 nm); the version in the center is a color composite of wavelength ratios which show different rock and soil types. Note the distinct color difference of the central peak due to excavation of deep material during the impact that formed the crater. The ratio image on the left enhances an unusual polygonal pattern in the floor of the crater. The origin of this feature is not clear, however future work using all 11 wavelengths collected by the UVVIS and NIR cameras will most likely reveal the origin of […] Read More

2008: Moon Anomalies: MN0000

ID ANOMALIES: MN0000 PLANET: MOON COORDINATE: [8°,10°] E / [8°,10°] N REGION: Hyginus, Rima Hyginus, Boskovich TYPE: BUILDING STRUCTURE INS DATE: FEBRUARY 2008 SENDER: STEVEN GLYNN DESCRIPTION A building-like object similar to a castle has been evident in the past on the NASA image AS10-32-4822. From the official NASA web-archive, it seems to be no anymore evident the presence of this strange building. It is located in the lunar region between Rima Hyginus and Boskovic. The MN0000 shows a modular construction and high light reflectivity. Because of its shape, it is commonly called “The Castle”.   On the left, the anomaly MN0000 called “The Castle”. The red circle on the map at the right shows the region where the MN0000 is located. Old image AS10-32-4822: the MN0000 is evident above the Hyginus crater. Current image AS10-32-4822 as stored in the NASA web-archive. Credit NASA.

2000: Enceladus

Imagine if you will earth with not one but two moons. Some are certain that such was the case up around sixty-five million years ago. One was called Selene, one was Enceladus. The word Enceladus means ‘to go in’. Now imagine if we had two moons and one of them fell. Would such an impact shatter the earth into plates? Would not the subsequent fall of water and nuclear winter that would ensue change the face of the earth forever? Take out a map of the world and focus on the Pacific Ocean. Theoretically, if such a moon fell, and it came in from the southwest, would not the Pacific Ocean be the crater of such a fall? Think about it!