Couple terrorized by series of false child-abuse accusations by CPS worker

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY — A young couple had their lives turned upside-down when a CPS worker decided to target them with a series of anonymous child-abuse accusations, each prompting a new investigation. Corey Chaney, 25, and April Rodgers, 23, have come forward to expose their story after spending “every single dime” they had, even relocating their family, in order to escape the torrent of malicious attempts to separate them and put them into financial ruin. It began with investigations in the middle of the night.  The family was awoken, on multiple occasions, to police officers and social workers demanding entry to their home to check on their infant child.  The child, of course, was sleeping peacefully in her crib. The Courier-Journal documented the disturbing string of false allegations.  First, the authorities were investigating a “drunken fight” that supposedly took place outside.  Another time, they awoke the family to investigate a […] Read More

Police barge into man’s apartment with guns drawn because they thought he might be a squatter

ALEXANDRIA, VA — A man was awoken to intruders pointing guns at him while he slept in his apartment.  It was the police who barged in, because they suspected that he might be a squatter in his own home. What makes this all-too-common occurrence more notable is that the man on the receiving end of the raid is an Iraq War veteran and author, 30-year-old Alex Horton.  He is now a public affairs specialist who writes for the Department of Veterans Affairs, and has written articles for the New York Times, the Guardian, the Atlantic, and more. “My situation was terrifying,” Horton wrote of his experience in a Washington Post article. “Lying facedown in bed, I knew that any move I made could be viewed as a threat. Instinct told me to get up and protect myself. Training told me that if I did, these officers would shoot me […] Read More