2017: Iowa’s Frightening Malvern Manor is Haunted by Dark Entities and Ghosts of the Mentally-Disturbed

Every once and a while I’ll discover a haunted location that completely captivates me, even though I’ve never stepped foot inside. Malvern Manor is one of those places. There’s something about the shabby white building located in Malvern, Iowa that screams haunted. I often find that when buildings have gone through many incarnations they have that type of energy about them, as if the ghosts still residing within its walls are all fighting to have the building remembered for what it was when they were alive. Built in the late 1800s, Malvern Manor was a family-owned hotel that served as a comfortable place for traveling salesmen to rest their heads after long journeys across the country. For two dollars a night you got a warm bed and hot meals, and because of its close proximity to the railroad, the hotel was a success and booked solid nearly every night. Unfortunately, as […] Read More

2000: Iowa Ghost Files

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