Protester Slaughtered & Dozens Maimed As Police Turn Up The Heat In Brazil

An 18-year-old protester has been killed and dozens injured as massive protests continue in Brazil’s cities. Over a million people have flooded the streets of the country on Thursday. Mass protests continued throughout Brazil Thursday as hundreds of thousands assembled in the main cities of Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro with no sign of subsiding even as governments reversed course on planned public transit fare hikes. An 18-year-old protester was killed and dozens injured as massive protests continued across South America’s largest country, with over a million people taking to the streets there on the day. In addition to the one demonstrator killed, three more injured in the same incident after they were hit by a car in the town of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo state. Witnesses say the car tried to break a human chain created by protesters. Apparently outraged because he was being blocked, the […] Read More

Reality Versus Imagination and Illusion

By Remez Sasson The five senses make us feel that the world is real. Seeing the solidity of the objects around us, feeling the impact of the senses, it is hard to deny the validity of what we see. Everything looks real, and therfore, we never stop to question this reality. The mind is attached to the five senses and accepts everything as real without questioning. When we bump into a table or a wall, and we feel pain, it is difficult to say that we are imagining it. When we see with our eyes, hear sounds, smell, or when we feel heat or coldness, we accept these sense impressions as real. Some say that the world is an illusion, Maya in Eastern terminology. Can we accept this when everything looks so real? Can we regard the world as imagination? We need the five senses and the mind to […] Read More

The Soul Mind and the Body Mind

~ The entire Creation is our Home and our Work ~ You are not your Body. You are a Spiritual Being living in a Physical Body. You as the Soul or Soul-Mind are on Earth in order to have a Physical Experience. Planet Earth is a Cosmic School for Spiritual Beings. You have been a human being on this Planet many times Before. You will do this until you have learned all there is to know about the Soul You Are. The Soul or Soul-Mind is an indestructible Cosmic Holographic Energy and lives Forever. Please read the above many times and always remember that you are a Soul or a Spiritual Being. Our Real Self or our Soul Mind is an Infinite Force! The Soul Mind we are is a miniature hologram of the Universal Mind and when we are born for the first time, our Soul Mind is […] Read More

The illusionary Selves or The Sleeping Gods of This Earth

… A Master Piece For Sure … With the following I am trying to come up with an article that gives all of us a better concept of how the world works and what it really is all about. Be cool here! Usually I say a lot of things twice and there are no exceptions in this article. Possibly I even mention certain concepts three times. People got used to it by now and some people even like to hear the ‘repeat’ before they hear it the first time!  Yeah – it’s hard to believe but a few Folks are crazier than I am…   ~  Creation is an infinite creative energy in Form  ~     Creation or the universe is energy and this energy is consciousness or mind. There is nothing else but consciousness or mind. Since we live in a matter reality, it means that matter […] Read More

Belief and Reality: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

I am the creator of my reality – this belief is a very empowering one and one that is the cornerstone of many a mystical school. But what does it actually mean? “I am the creator of my reality” – it means that I am responsible for my thoughts and feelings, my attitudes and beliefs. Yes, fine. How do these create my reality? Well, my thoughts, feelings etc. are certainly responsible for my inner reality. But if  “I am smart and poor and you are rich and stupid” to borrow a line from the heroine of Erich Segal‘s “Love Story” I cannot change that external reality, or can I? If I am really smart I can use that smartness to become rich. If I really want to become rich, it is possible, provided of course that I believe it is possible and I am willing to work for it. […] Read More

Intuition: Precognition and Your Mind

Connections Through Time, Issue 20: July – September 2003 Just as the human eye sees only a small part of the light spectrum and the human ear can detect only a fraction of nature’s sounds so that which is comprehensible to the human mind is only a small fraction of our reality. – Author unknown In the previous article, body-precognition is discussed – the scientific data indicate that your body has direct access to at least some information about the future. Note that body-precognition is achieved without the conscious mind.  This type of a activity is controlled by your autonomic nervous system.  You would have trouble consciously functioning if this part of your nervous system did not assume some important responsibilities.  Imagine, for example, if you had to consciously take care of every inhale/exhale of your breath and every beat of your heart. Similarly, since information about the future […] Read More