2011: Strange Sightings Of Butterfly People In Joplin Missouri

In May of 2011, an F3 tornado hit Joplin Missouri. And this huge tornado was responsible for 161 deaths. And after the smoked clear many survivors, mainly children started to tell some pretty amazing stories. In one case a mother and her daughter had to leave their vehicle and run for there lives as this huge tornado was directly on the path of that road. And while they were running for their lives the tornado started to move towards them. And the best they could do was just hit the ground and hope and pray that they would somehow survive this. And it seemed to the mother that this F3 tornado was right on top of them. But yet nothing happened, they were perfectly fine. And when the mother looked at her 3-year-old daughter her daughter had a very odd smile on her face. And she said to her […] Read More