5 Mind Bending Facts That Will Make You Question Everything You Thought You Knew

By Luke Miller Truth Theory Throughout history, there have been many mysteries that defy what the logical mind deems possible, with many baffling the scientific community in the process. Here I share 5 of those mind-bending facts that will have you questioning what you thought you knew about reality. Observation Changes The Outcome Of Events At The Microscopic Level Before the birth of quantum mechanics scientist, Thomas Young performed an experiment called Young’s Experiment which was later renamed the double slit experiment. This experiment not only proved that matter behaves differently on the microscopic level to the macro, but also that observation of matter at the microscopic level changes the outcome of how matter behaves.  How Quickly The Pyramids Were Built The great pyramid of Egypt’s (Khufu) has an estimated 2.5 million stones all weighing around 2.5 tons, meaning if they moved 10 stones a day it would have taken […] Read More


WILL THE LEGENDARY EGYPTIAN TREASURE TROVE BE REDISCOVERED IN 1999? By Dr. Joseph Robert Jochmans Recently, archaeologists announced an important find has been brought to light, a major series of tombs found in the Valley of the Kings, the burial vaults of the sons of Ramses II. What is amazing is that previously, the Valley had been thoroughly searched for almost a century, and was thought to be completely exhausted for any further investigation. That a find of such major proportions could have eluded so many Egyptologists, including Howard Carter, the discoverer of the tomb of Tutankhamen in the same Valley, goes to show that the land of the Nile still has many secrets. What else, we may well ask, lurks below the sands? For untold centuries both historical and esoteric sources have passed down stories of a forgotten time-capsule of Ancient Wisdom, far greater in importance than the golden […] Read More

The Age of the Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza, among the seven wonders of the ancient world, points towards the celestial north pole with a margin of error of only a tiny fraction of one degree. Dr. Kate Spence, a British Egyptologist, believes she may have solved two of the great mysteries of archaeology – how the ancient Egyptians aligned the pyramid with such remarkable geographical accuracy and when the vast royal tomb was built. Pointing north The Great Pyramid is a master of precision. Comprised of an estimated 2.5 million limestone blocks, archaeologists have known for over a century that the Great Pyramid was pointed almost exactly north, but nobody has been able to explain how the ancient Egyptians managed to align it with such unprecedented accuracy. The deviation in accuracy is minute as Dr. Spence explains: ‘The Great Pyramid is extremely accurately aligned towards the north. The sides deviate from true […] Read More

Where is the Capstone of the Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most geometrically perfect structures ever built on planet Earth. You can find books, careers, even entire lives devoted to theories about how it was built and what its intended purpose was. However, even if you’re a first-time onlooker, whether in person or in a photograph, one thing is blatantly obvious–the top seems to be missing. The top or capstone is traditionally thought to be the last piece added when constructing a pyramid. Some have speculated that the Great Pyramid’s capstone was made of solid gold, or in some theories, at least gold-plated. Of course presently undetermined, some have stated this was for an aesthetic purpose, boasting the wealth and power of the Pharaoh Cheops, for whom it was supposedly built. Others have offered a more functional explanation such as The Great Pyramid is actually a machine and its design, including […] Read More


The Magnum Opus of Dr. Ernest L. Norman AMID THE PYRAMIDS October 7, 1969 — During the last hundred years or so, peoples of the western hemisphere have been tremendously interested and intrigued by the lore of Ancient Egypt, as it was unearthed and apparently translated by the efforts of archaeologists. By far, however, the most important aspects in this Egyptology have not been recognized and, in particular, the significance of certain connections which this Egyptology had, in a historical sense, with the much older and long-ago defunct civilization of Atlantis. In particular, the Egyptian pyramids, a subject of great mystery and intense controversy, even to the exploration of the giant pyramid of Gizeh (Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops at Gizeh) with cosmic ray apparatus in an attempt to divulge certain supposed unknown inner chambers. Like almost all other earth world ethnic cultures, religions, occultisms and even superstitions, the […] Read More