Idiots Kill Baby Dolphin by Pulling It out of the Sea to Pose for SELFIES with It

And now for what is probably the dumbest thing you will see today that will make you lose your faith in humanity just a tiny bit more (if that’s even possible at this point)… A bunch of morons got together and pulled a baby dolphin out of the sea and passed it around just TO TAKE SELFIES WITH IT, even as it DIED because they pulled it out of the sea to take selfies with it. In fact, they reportedly continued to take selfies with it even after it was dead because they didn’t realize they killed it. After they killed the dolphin, who overheated quickly after being taken out of its natural habitat, they left the poor thing’s dead body on the beach like a discarded candy wrapper. This is why the word “douchebag” gets used… to describe people like this without cussing. (read more) Related articles Canadian […] Read More

This is how they plan to KILL us – Elite Insider George Green.

Written by AMY S. THE PLAN (Massive Depopulation)     As you read this, the American public and peoples of the world are being “educated” about asteroids/meteors/comets, and the deleterious effects they can have on the Earth and “life” here. The fringe loonies are being filled with stories of “Planet X”, Nibiru, the “dark star” and/or “Wormwood” on its way to collide with Earth. Various movies, “Armageddon”, “Deep Impact”, books “Lucifer’s Hammer”, etc., are made specifically so human minds can “imagine” the scenario. The “fatima” prophecies given to the popes from some illiterate girls who had a vision, caused the catholic church to build a huge telescope down in Chile to watch for the planetoid on its way in. As you read this, aryan astronomers are searching the skies and locating any potential comets, meteors or asteroid candidates, not too big, not too small for the proposed massive depopulation plan. […] Read More