2012: Russian Scientists Prove Dashka Stone (Map of The Creator) is Real

mitchey179 August 5, 2012   A team of Russian scientists has recently completed testing on the dashka stone also termed the Map of the Creator, and found that the large stone slab is indeed a genuine ancient carved artifact displaying the local area. Is the Dashka Stone (also termed the Map of the Creator) real?  Does it prove that there was an advanced ancient civilization in the Ural Mountains thousands of years ago?  According to a team of scientists from Bashkir State University, that is exactly what they have found.   Recent research and testing on the large stone slab have proven that it is indeed an ancient map carving of the area that is thousands of years old. The team announced their findings recently and this is what they found: The rock has been dated to around 120 million years old.  (a pair of ancient shells locked into the […] Read More