Clear Evidence of Multiple Shooters in Vegas: the Standard Progression in Staged Attacks

In case anyone doesn’t get the point, multiple shooters in Las Vegas would imply much planning and coordination for a given political purpose. Not a crazy lone act of a crazy man. The whole scene would change in an instant. Everything the public knows would be wrong. In a minute, I’ll get to an expert report about the now-famous taxi cab video, which contains much audio of shots fired at the Mandalay Hotel. The driver was parked at the hotel when the shooting began and stayed there for several minutes. But first, I want to describe the standard progression in false flags. In several articles, I’ve established enough probability of multiple shooters, in the Vegas-concert attack, to warrant a serious and honest investigation by law-enforcement. But of course, that’s not happening. There is a standard sequence that is usually followed in these events. As soon as the attacks occur, […] Read More

Table of Contents “The Mars Records: Book 1″

TABLE OF CONTENTS Photographs Preface by Stephanie Relfe Summary by Michael Relfe Definitions of Healing Therapies Used Deliverance Understanding the Time Line Chonological List Of Events Visual Representation of Time Line Clearing A)Clearing Biofeedback Meter. B) Acknowledgements. C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. More on the Biofeedback Meter The Mind The File Clerk To “As is”: How Negative Thoughts and Emotions are Cleared The Language of the Clearing Biofeedback Meter: Tone Arm (TA) READS: Short Falls, Falls and Long Falls Floating Needle ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Rock Slam Underlined v. not underlined words Other Abbreviations A summary of symbols used Organisation of The Mars Records: Sessions & Chapters Metabolism Drugs Repeating Technique The Clearing Practitioner’s Code of Ethics Kinesiology Emotional Stress Release ‘The Wernicke’s Correction’ Session 1: Remembrance of Mars Session 2: Killing with Remote Viewing Session 3: Battle in Space Session 4: Drugs in Restimulation Session […] Read More