It All Goes Back in the Box

Published on Dec 8, 2012 Ask yourself this question.. What REALLY matters? An amazing speech by John Ortberg. Visit our website: Related articles Did Your Spiritual Awakening Cause Drastic Changes In Your Life? 1954: Camaldoli, Naples, Italy 2014: Ashford, Kent Daylight Sighting Guided Meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek Fear of the 2015 Leap Second is Growing The Cursed Ghost Head of the Samurai Who Built The Mysterious Pyramid of the French Riviera?

2014: Facticity: Once You Have Named Something You Will Never Again Truly See It

Facts are our labels to explain nature. The occurrence in the image above has been called a “galaxy.” Facticity is a term coined by Phenomenologists (philosophers who influenced Existentialists like Sartre and Camus) to more directly address what is. The image above is not a galaxy; it is a snapshot of an immense grouping of what we call “stars” that we have conceptually identified as a “galaxy.”  No “galaxy” exists in Nature outside of our brains. Phenomenology deals with only what we know for sure. We know we exist. We know that there are perceptions, feelings and thoughts.  We do not know, but rather surmise, that there is a separate self because we observe (have perceptions of) the phenomena of other similar selves who presumably also have perceptions. But we only know our own perceptions as phenomena. And we have “learned” that we are separate selves, with names and “identities.” So Phenomenology […] Read More

Cannupa – the Basis of Lakota Spirituality

Excerpts from an article by Ben Black Bear, Jr. Lakota Society based its entire religious philosophy on the revelation of the Creator acting through Nature. The “Wakan” or sacred things contained in nature were sought out by this society and through perceptions of these mysterious and sacred things a religious philosophy was developed. Upon looking, what can be found as the as the most mysterious or sacred thing ever naturally happening in the universe? Is it the powerful thunder, wind, lightening, movement and sounds of living things, or something else? The thunder which brings rain, the wind which has the power to destroy many things, and all living things have movement and sound which allow them to be understood. All these things are sacred, but the most mysterious and sacred is the conception and birth of a living thing, especially a human. The Sacred Pipe can be looked at […] Read More

Leo Tolstoi and His Unecclesiastical Christianity

Tolstoi is a great poet, a great artist, a great thinker. All through his life, both heart and mind have been occupied by one burning question, coloring more or less with its painful pressure all his works. We feel its overshadowing presence in the “History of my Childhood,” in “War and Peace,” in “Anna Karenina,” till at last it becomes the exclusive preoccupation of his later years, which have produced such works as “My Confession,” “In what does my Faith Consist?,” “What shall we Do?,” “Upon Life,” and the “Kreutzer Sonata.” This same question burns in the hearts of many, especially among Theosophists; it is indeed the question of life itself. “What is the meaning, the purpose of human life? What is the final outcome of the unnatural, distorted and falsified life of our civilisation, such as it is forced upon each of us individually? What shall we do […] Read More

Beyond Genes – The Particle and Waves that Control life

The Physics of Self Organizing Life, Information and Cosmos Science has moved from simplicity to complexity. The article and the site tries to bring the simplicity behind the complexity. It leads to certain physical phenomenon that is responsible for all the complexity of life and the Cosmos Abstract Introduction The Logics of New Realm A Short Review of initiation of Time in Biology [For the sake of physicist] Exploring the space and understanding Dynamic Information The Great Secret of Nature A short hint how nature reverses the time direction and initializes Arguments for Centromere as the Seat of Living Matter Proof, Conclusion and what the New Knowledge means to human life and its suffering and survival 1] Abstract Under overwhelming influence of early physicist biologist have come to visualize life as information its evolution and its expression. However observation of life from a point of freedom tells us that […] Read More