2014: Solar Roadways: The Mind Boggling Possibilities Of Solar Roadways Are Exciting

This is certainly something that you wouldn’t think of right away, nor would it seem like a viable option. But Scott Brusaw and his team are committed to their project and as it gains more steam, the possibility of it becomes more and more real. Roads That Produce Power Solar Roadways are exactly how it sounds, roadways that are made of photovoltaic solar panels. Essentially, the vision promises to cover asphalt roadways across North America with these specially made solar panels so that roadways are not only suitable for driving but can also provide a great deal of electricity generation. Scott Bursaw, the inventor of Solar Roadways, began putting his idea into motion when The US Department of Transportation released a solicitation for an intelligent pavement that could generate power. After applying and receiving funding for his project, Solar Roadways became a reality and a prototype was built. Scott […] Read More

2011: Watch your computer! It may be haunted!

Watch your computer! It may be haunted! Nearly all industry relies on computers of some sort to do their work. The computer is a revolution – if you want to get somewhere in life, get a computer! Everyone is using them now, – even Ghosts, it would seem. In May 1988 Alice, a cleaner working in an architect’s office, was about to start her shift when she noticed one of the staff computers had been left switched on. She didn’t know much herself about computers but knew it was on from the flickering screen. She stepped closer to the flickering screen but realized it wasn’t part of her job and if she switched it off, she may get in trouble as unsaved information might be on there. The next night she noticed that the same computer still with the same flickering screen was on again, but still ignored it. […] Read More