Can’t Make This Up: Cop Caught Stealing Pot from Police Dept… on His Own Body Cam

by Matt Agorist Grants, NM — As the Free Thought Project pointed out many times before, police departments in America can legally discriminate against hiring individuals if their IQ is too high. Couple this with the fact that thieves aren’t always the sharpest tools in the toolbox, and you get the makings of a scenario like the one that unfolded in New Mexico last week. A Grants cop was caught on his own body cam stealing weed. Grants Police Department Sgt. Roshern C. McKinney, 33, was arrested last week after an investigation found that he’d stolen both money and marijuana from the police department. McKinney has since been charged with marijuana distribution, conspiracy, and felony embezzlement. State police also charged McKinney’s 23-year-old girlfriend Tanicka Gallegos-Gonzales, for drug distribution and conspiracy. Both were arrested in Albuquerque and booked into the Sandoval County Detention Center, according to KOB. Public Information Officer for the New Mexico State […] Read More

Bernie Sanders Declares It’s ‘Not Acceptable’ To Jail Marijuana Users And Let Big Bank CEOs Walk

Bernie Sanders has been making a lot of waves lately speaking out against police brutality and corruption, but recently the Democratic presidential hopeful came out against the Department of Justice’s weak pledge to supposedly “get serious” about white-collar crime. A lot of this sort of white collar criminal activity on Wall Street is what fueled the 2008 financial crisis. But while the Department of Justice said Thursday that it pledges to crack down on corrupt bankers and investors, Sanders isn’t impressed. The DOJ memo claims the government will from this point forward try to hold both corporations and individual employees accountable for illegal Wall Street activity. Sanders says this is long over due, but he says the DOJ doesn’t go far enough, and that the government is being hypocritical by destroying lives in the so-called “War on Drugs” while letting so much white collar crime go unpunished, or with just a slap on […] Read More

Police SWAT Raid On Organic Farm After Tomato Plants Mistaken For Marijuana

A SWAT team composed of between 15 to 20 officers raided an organic farm, named the “Garden of Eden” and it was all because they mistook tomato plants for marijuana! The commune in Arlington, Texas, was subject to a raid all because police had convinced themselves that the community “must” be growing marijuana. A federal lawsuit filed by five victims of the SWAT raid, noted that the justification for this armed assault on their farm all boiled down to the police mistaking tomato plants for marijuana. In the search warrant affidavit, Exhibit A in the lawsuit, Arlington Detective Magdalena Perez stated that commune leader Quinn Eaker possessed “a usable quantity of marijuana of two ounces or less” in Arlington “on or about July 30, 2013.” The Houston Chronicle reported that “a search of Arlington court records turned up no marijuana or other drug charges in Eaker’s name.” Reason magazine notes that Perez cited the Garden […] Read More

Two Bills Just Introduced To Congress Will Federally Legalize Cannabis In The US

 Friday, February 20th marked an interesting moment in the case for cannabis legalization – U.S. Representatives Jared Polis (D-CO) and Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) introduced two separate bills in Congress to legalize adult-use marijuana at the federal level. The first bill, ‘The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act‘, was submitted by Polis, and would act as a safety net for any state wishing to legalize cannabis, meaning they would no longer have to worry about intervention at the Federal level. The second bill with the same name would tax cannabis at the Federal level, on top of any state/local taxes. In what seems like a fast moving cascade for the cannabis legislation movement, four states have already legalized marijuana use for adults over 21 (Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Oregon), and 23 states (and Washington DC) allow medical marijuana use. Eleven more states have restrictive medical marijuana laws in place allowing the use of low-THC forms of marijuana (usually […] Read More

Marijuana Grower Shot SWAT Cops Who Kicked Down His Door, Jury Says They Don’t Blame Him

Recently, there has been some talk about places that allow you to shoot officers if they are in the wrong when they enter your home. Our friends at The Free Thought Project write the following about the steps that one state has taken in this direction: Indiana has taken action to “recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant.” While Indiana may appear to be the only state to so publicly announce legislation that permits self-defense against rogue police home invasions, there are other courts which have ruled in favor of recognizing this right. One of the most striking examples is that of a Texas man who says he was the victim of a home invasion in the middle of the night. But that home […] Read More

VIDEO: US Marshal Busted After Stealing 24 Pounds of Marijuana at Gunpoint

By  John Vibes Clorenzo Mack Griffin, a US marshal from Miami, was arrested last weekend for allegedly participating in an armed robbery of 24 pounds of marijuana. The bust occurred in Yuba City, California, a long distance from Griffin’s home. Griffin was reportedly off-duty when he and two other men robbed a Jeep filled with marijuana at gunpoint. At the time of the arrest, all 3 occupants of the vehicle were wearing police gear, but Griffin is the only confirmed officer in the group. Once on the road, the carjackers had managed to travel undetected until they ironically sped through a red light and were seen by a police officer. After a car chase, the three suspects exited the car and fled the scene. Griffin allegedly pulled a gun out of his waistband and pointed it at the arresting officer, who then fired at Griffin. Griffin was not hit by the […] Read More

2014: Hemp Is on its Way to Your Car Battery and Many Things You Haven’t Yet Imagined

New technologies are only beginning to unlock the possibilities of hemp. The first digital-age domestic hemp crop is being harvested as I write. The subtle decrease in seismic activity currently puzzling Virginia geologists can be traced to Thomas Jefferson ceasing to spin in his grave for the first time in 77 years. For a century USDA biologists conducted taxpayer-funded hemp cultivar research for farmers, after all. They did this in a Virginia meadow that is today the Pentagon. And why wouldn’t they, in support of a key crop supplying the Navy with rope and earning millions for farmers from Wisconsin to Kentucky (when millions meant something)? Then there was this weird quirk (Google “cannabis prohibition” if the cause of the quirk is news to you), and it took a tucked-in provision in the 2014 federal Farm Bill to allow hemp research to restart. As I learned while researching my […] Read More

How Republicans Can Save Themselves—As the Party of Legal Weed

A modest proposal that might redeem the GOP (or at least make it a lot cooler): Seize the marijuana moment. Dear Republicans: Believe it or not (and you won’t), I am here to help. There is a path that can lead the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Eisenhower out of the political wilderness, a path away from the nightmarish dead-end coalition of white racists and plutocrat zillionaires and back toward national relevance. It isn’t the path of fire-breathing ideological purity and permanent obstructionism and wild fantasies about defunding the entire liberal welfare state. I know that stuff feels good to you right now, but it feels good in roughly the same way that taking a massive drug overdose feels good, for the first minute or two. Sure, you can keep telling yourselves that the fact that you will still hold a majority in one house of Congress […] Read More

We Should Cheer E-Cigs and Vaping, Not Equate them with Smoking

From New York to California, we are seeing cities passing laws against vaping in public. Walking down the streets of New York I see more and more people using e-cigarettes. I see them enjoying their e-cigarette outside a bar or as they hustle down the street and it is easy to imagine that these e-cigs have replaced their previous form of tobacco intake, the cigarette. I instantly feel a solidarity and connection with these folks. I have my own long and complicated relationship with cigarettes. I have tried everything to break my habit. I have tried the patch and the gum. I have tried hypnosis and Wellbutrin. And out of all of the replacements and strategies, I have been most excited and optimistic about e-cigarettes and vaping. It is encouraging how fast e-cigs and vaping have taken off. Smokers aren’t stupid. When offered a safer model to obtain their […] Read More