2017: Elite Openly Paying to Ingest the Blood of the Young

Once the talk of conspiracy theorists — the rich ingesting the blood of the young to foster longevity — is now a reality and an actual business in the United States.  Not only is it a business but billionaires are actually admitting their interest in it. “I’m looking into parabiosis stuff, which I think is really interesting. This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect,” Peter Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal and adviser to Donald Trump told Inc. magazine. “I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely under-explored.” But it’s no longer an experiment with just mice. The startup company by Jesse Karmazin, Ambrosia, is doing this with humans, and the rich are lining up to get the blood of the young. As Vanity Fair reports, Ambrosia, which buys its blood […] Read More

2016: How Rich People Are Using Philanthropy As A Disguise

Society is made up of the collaborated efforts of people in the form of institutions. Institutions are investments people put in, and those with the most power to invest have the greatest influence on society. Behind the Mask of the Cabal Despite the seeming equality we have achieved, the rich elite hasn’t gone anywhere. They have managed to maintain their existence thousands of years throughout history, including in the modern era. They were even there at the dawn of modern-day advancement, in the beginnings of the industrial revolution, where society witnessed its biggest growth in history. The first aristocratic class planted the initial seeds, influencing the direction of our society in the most fundamental ways, just a century ago. In time, they grew by creating most of the major sectors in finance, education, media, and more, shaping society into what it is today. If there is anywhere to look […] Read More

2013: Surveillance, democracy, transparency – a global view

From internet leaders Tim Berners-Lee and Mark Zuckerberg, to the leaders of Brazil and US national intelligence, Dilma Rousseff and James Clapper, powerful voices in politics, culture and academia are recognising the need for debate on state surveillance The Guardian has been calling for a debate about surveillance by the intelligence agencies since Edward Snowden began leaking files which showed the exponential rise in state snooping capabilities. On Tuesday, the director general of MI5, Andrew Parker, said recent disclosures had harmed Britain’s national security, sparking a wave of criticism – mainly from the tabloid press, rightwing media groups and their commentators. However, significant voices from across the political, cultural and academic spectrum, as well as experts in privacy and security, have acknowledged genuine issues have emerged that need to be discussed. And they have said this discussion is long overdue. Backed by a growing number of British MPs, and congressional […] Read More