5 CIA Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually True

Many people can’t wait to get the latest details about the newest conspiracy theories, while other people dismiss these theories as being ridiculous and false. However, this is what many governments, corporations and others with the ability to bribe, threaten and manipulate want you to think. by Locklip While some skepticism is undoubtedly healthy, especially when it comes to hearing an objective view on a particular subject, in some cases the skepticism can go too far. When this happens, it does nothing to debunk the conspiracy theory and in fact it has quite the opposite affect, only serving to add fuel to the fire. In many cases, some skeptics are not adding anything new to the discussion, but simply reiterating the “mainstream” line of thought. Here are 5 conspiracy theories that many people attempted to dismiss, but were later found to be based in fact and absolutely true. 1. […] Read More

2015: For Millennials, patriotism doesn’t mean compliance

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” – Mark Twain (RARE.US) What do President Teddy Roosevelt, author Mark Twain, and theologian G.K. Chesterton have in common? Each understood what patriotism is—and, more importantly, what it isn’t. Each also understood it in a way that is, unfortunately all too rare today. Recent polling research has revealed not only that the Millennial generation is more politically independent than our elders, but also that we’re less patriotic… or at least, that’s how the poll results are presented, with dire headlines like, “A generational gap in American patriotism.” But is this actually true? It depends on what you mean by patriotism. Young people are about 15% less likely than average to say the U.S. is the greatest country in the world (32% vs. 48%), and only half say the phrase “a patriotic person” describes them […] Read More


May, 1972: J. Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File: threatened to expose Dallas-JFK in an “anonymous” book, The Texas Mafia. Instead, someone put sodium morph ate in his apple pie. The corpse was carted away from his home in the back seat of a V.W.–and his files were “burned” but some of them got away. May 28, 1972: First break-in at Watergate: McCord, Barker, Martinez, Garcia, Gonzales, Sturgis, DeDiego and Pico stood guard outside. Hunt and Liddy directed the operation from a (safe?) distance –across the street. The object was to check on Onassis’s two men to Democratic Party HQ: Larry O’Brien and Spencer Oliver. (O’Brien chief “PR: client had been “Hughes”; Oliver’s father worked for Onassis). McCord wire-tapped their phones. But!!!! little did McCord know that the plumbers were being observed by Hal Lipset, Katherine Graham’s S.F. detective who had followed two of the plumbers from Liz Dale’s side in […] Read More

The Murder of Martin Luther King Jr.

by John Edginton and John Sergeant {Editors’ Note: In April 1988, John Edginton, a British independent film maker, began an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Edginton had just completed a film about King’s life (“Promised Land”) and was intrigued by comments by King’s friend, the Rev. Ralph Abernathy, that King was murdered by government forces. By January 1989, Edginton had gathered enough evidence disputing the official verdict that BBC Television agreed to fund a documentary: “Who Killed Martin Luther King?” John Sergeant joined the team as associate producer. The film aired in England in September 1989 and on cable television in this country in March 1990. The following article is derived from information gathered in their investigation and raises questions about government complicity in the assassination of the civil rights leader.} Introduction Equivocation, uncertainty, and doubt have never been fully dispelled […] Read More

2008: CIA-Bush-Rockefeller Perps: JFK Murder Conspiracy

by SUE ANN ARRIGO (June 2008) I had a “need to know” why the US soldiers on the ground were dying from lack of the equipment and the supplies they needed. One of my intelligence students in Iraq alerted me to the fact that beverages Halliburton was supposed to supply the troops were not showing up on time. The effect on the troops was devastating. This was just one of many, many cases. The soldier’s desperate pleas to Congress were being stonewalled by their Congressmen not being able to get the information they needed. The CIA’s job was to supply information, but they were not supplying the information on why the troops couldn’t get the basic supplies they needed. That raised the question of whether the CIA was really working to the American people or had been taken over by an enemy, foreign or domestic. I was writing reports […] Read More