Have There Really Been 355 ‘Mass Shootings’ This Year? The Mainstream Media Is Manipulating You

The Washington Post just reported that there have been a staggering 355 mass shootings this year alone. That’s well over one mass shooting per day. So why haven’t we heard about even a fraction of these shootings? The reason is simple: the media is manipulating us. So far in 2015, there have been a lot of mass shootings – to be sure. But the precise number has yet to be arrived at in any meaningful sense. That’s because the grand total of 355 includes any incident involving a weapon – including BB guns – regardless of whether or not there were fatalities or even any serious injuries. So what is the purpose of manipulating the figures like this? Fear. The exact figure of how many mass shootings there have been this year depends entirely on who is calculating the statistics, and what they are regarding as a “mass shooting.” Law enforcement […] Read More

Police Killed More Americans In 2014 Than All U.S. Mass Shootings Combined

With another recent mass shooting having taken place last week in Charleston, South Carolina – such a crisis is the perfect opportunity for the President to yet again stop just short of using the “C-word” – confiscation. Or “C” for the gun Control he promoted. Before any victims were even in the ground, he exploited the tragedy for politicized gun control agendas. Obama is tired of making speeches about mass killings. He’s tired of them. He doesn’t want killings to be the “new normal.” I agree with the President. Random, mass murder whether by guns, caused by mental illness, or by hatred needs to stop. Therefore, I took the liberty of finding its biggest source… If it’s really true that you’re 9 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist – then we need to have a talk. But where is our speech to address […] Read More

2015: The disturbing link between mass shootings and anti-depressants

Article first appeared in TruthinMedia: Suboxone has a history of causing violent episodes in some users. But there is much more. Back in 1989, 47-year-old Joseph T. Wesbecker, just a month after he began taking Prozac, shot 20 workers in Louisville, Ky., killing nine. Prozac maker Eli Lilly later settled a lawsuit brought by survivors. 1999: 15-year old Oregon school shooter Kip Kinkel, who opened fire in his school cafeteria, had been on Prozac. 1999: Eric Harris, the Columbine killer, was taking Luvox. 1999: Conyers, Georgia school shooter T.J. Solomon was on Ritalin. 2005: Red Lake Indian Reservation shooter Jeff Weise was taking Prozac. 2007: Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui, who shot and killed 32 people, was on anti-depressants and taking Prozac. 2012: Colorado theater shooter James Holmes… was reportedly heavily hooked on the prescription painkiller Vicodin. And he took a cocktail of anti-depressants before his shooting spree. 2012: […] Read More