The Psychedelic Experience

A manual based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead By Timothy Leary, Ph.D., Ralph Metzner, Ph.D., & Richard Alpert, Ph.D. Translated into HTML by Ben Walter, The authors were engaged in a program of experiments with LSD and other psychedelic drugs at Harvard University, until sensational national publicity, unfairly concentrating on student interest in the drugs, led to the suspension of the experiments. Since then, the authors have continued their work without academic auspices. CONTENTS I. General Introduction A Tribute to W. Y. Evans-Wentz A Tribute to Carl G. Jung A Tribute to Lama Anagarika Govinda II. The Tibetan Book Of The Dead First Bardo: The Period of Ego-loss or Non-game Ecstasy (Chikhai Bardo) Part I: The Primary Clear Light Seen At the Moment of Ego-Loss. Part II: The Secondary Clear Light Seen Immediately After Ego-Loss. Second Bardo: The Period of Hallucinations (Chonyid Bardo) Introduction Explanation of […] Read More

1881: The Bright Spot Of Light

Madame, – In the last issue of your valuable journal, a member of the New York Theosophical Society seeks to be enlightened as to the cause of a bright spot of light which he has often seen. I also am equally curious to have an explanation. I attribute it to the highest concentration of the soul. As soon as I place myself in that prescribed attitude, suddenly a bright spot appears before me which fills my heart with delight, this being regarded as a special sign by the Indian devotee that he is in the right path, leading to ultimate success in the Yoga practice, that he is blessed by the special grace of the Almighty. One evening, sitting on the ground cross-legged, in that state of concentration when the soul soars into high regions, I was blessed with a shower of flowers – a most brilliant sight, which […] Read More