Thoth, the Great God of Science and Writing

The Moon God “…Researchers of the ancient Egyptian calendar agree that the solar calendar of 360 + 5 days was not the first prehistoric calendar of that land. This ‘civil’ or secular calendar was introduced only after the start of dynastic rule in Egypt, i.e., after 3100 BC; according to Richard A. Parker (The Calendars of the Ancient Egyptians) it took place circa 2800 BC ‘probably for administrative and fiscal purposes’. This civil calendar supplanted, or perhaps supplemented at first, the ‘sacred’ calendar of old. In the words of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, ‘the ancient Egyptians originally employed a calendar based on the Moon’. According to R. A. Parker (Ancient Egyptian Astronomy) that earlier calendar was, ‘like that of all ancient peoples’, a calendar of twelve lunar months plus a thirteenth intercalary month that kept the seasons in place.” – Zecharia Sitchin, When Time Began “…the Egyptians and the Sumerian […] Read More


Once, in the beginning…  animals and people lived together in harmony and talked with each other. However, when mankind began to increase at a rapid pace,  the animals were pushed and crowded into forests and deserts. Man began to kill four-footed’s for their skins and furs,  not just for food that was much needed. The animals… angry at such treatment by those whom they had befriended…  decided they must punish such a greedy mankind. The Bear tribe met in council. This was led by Chief Old White Bear. After many Bears had spoken against humankind and their bloody ways,  war was agreed upon. But what kind of weapons would the Bears use? Chief Old White Bear suggested that the human’s weapon,  the bow and arrow, should be used against him. The council all agreed. While the Bears worked and made bows and arrows,  they wondered what to use for bowstrings. […] Read More


The idea that we went to the Moon – and that we were successful in our Apollo endeavors – is so firmly embedded in the cultural lives of most people on this planet, that to voice the opinion that this might be untrue smacks of paranoia and to present evidence for these doubts smacks of heresy. If this opinion is correct, then the majority of us have been conned; that, we’ve been taken for a ride that has lasted 27 years. A ride that’s been generating its own momentum and most of us are still on it! Throughout aviation history and space exploration, the prime and lasting record of our achievements has been preserved as photographic images, movie film and in recent times, television coverage. We are in no doubt that these records reflect the actual events as they occurred, disasters and triumphs included. Particularly in the exploration of space – and going to the Moon is a perfect […] Read More

1996: Village on the Moon?

Note: you should view these images in the highest resolution possible with imaging software rather than your browser for best results. This mosaic of Clementine UVVIS images covers the center of the impact crater Tycho. It was formed when a large meteorite (or comet) slammed into the Moon. The version on the right is a 3 color composite (415 nm, 750 nm, 1000 nm); the version in the center is a color composite of wavelength ratios which show different rock and soil types. Note the distinct color difference of the central peak due to excavation of deep material during the impact that formed the crater. The ratio image on the left enhances an unusual polygonal pattern in the floor of the crater. The origin of this feature is not clear, however future work using all 11 wavelengths collected by the UVVIS and NIR cameras will most likely reveal the origin of […] Read More

Moon Bases

“During the United States’ initial space exploration and the Moon landings every launch was accompanied by alien craft. ON NOVEMBER 20, 1990, LOS ANGELES TV CHANNEL 2 ANNOUNCED THAT A SEPARATE, RED, GLOWING, ROUND-SHAPED OBJECT ACCOMPANIED THE SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS ON IT’S LATEST CLASSIFIED MILITARY MISSION. THAT WAS THE FIRST PUBLIC ADMISSION. “The Moon base, Luna, was photographed by the Lunar Orbiter and filmed by the Apollo astronauts. Domes, spires, tall round structures which look like silos, huge T-shaped mining vehicles that left stitch like tracks in the lunar surface, and extremely large as well as small alien craft appear in the official NASA photographs. It is a joint United States and Soviet base. THE SPACE PROGRAM IS A FARCE AND AN UNBELIEVABLE WASTE OF MONEY.  ALTERNATIVE 3 IS A REALITY. IT IS NOT SCIENCE FICTION. “The Apollo astronauts were severely shaken by this experience, and their lives and subsequent statements reflect the depth of the revelation and […] Read More

Moon Gate

RESEARCH DATA ON THE MOON ³Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon² (OMSM) ‹Page 21 ³In 1843 Johann Schroeter recorded a six-mile crater which he named Linne. Its depth was estimated by the scientist to be 1200 feet.² ³This German astronomer made hundreds of maps of the Moon over many years. As he recorded his observations he saw this crater gradually disappear. Today Linne is just a tiny bright spot with little depth; a small pit surrounded by whitish objects.² ³Near the crater Birt…is an object shaped like a sword…(and) a geometric object shaped like a cross, in the lunar crater Eratosthenes. In the lunar crater Gassendi are angular lines, and on the floor of the crater Littrow are seven spots in the shape of the Greek capital Gamma.² (OMSM)‹Page 24 ³In 1935, two scientists named Van der Pol and Stormer detected radio signals on and around the Moon. Marconi and Tesla […] Read More


Twenty years ago disgraced Soviet cosmonauts were airbrushed out of official group shots. David Percy would have us believe that, for nearly 30 years, NASA has perpetrated the biggest hoax of all time, faking evidence of man’s activities on the Moon. You, the readers, looked at the evidence presented by Percy in FT94 and uttered a resounding: “Oi! Percy! No!” Bob Rickard wades through the biggest postbag we have ever received. David Percy’s question: “Did NASA fake the Moon Landings” drew the biggest response from readers that we’ve ever had. Only a handful of letters offered qualified support for Percys notion of a conspiracy. Overwhelmingly, they disagree with Percy ­ his rules were questioned, his analyses of photos refuted and his conclusions scorned. The mildest included phrases like “total nonsense” and “load of bollocks”. Peter Grego asked: “Where is the sport in this?” Before laughing this off, pleaded Bob […] Read More

1997: Science Q & A: Lunar Atmosphere

By C. CLAIBORNE RAY Q. Did the Moon ever have an atmosphere? A. It has one now, though it is a very thin and highly dispersed collection of molecules, not suitable for breathing by Earth creatures. The existence of a lunar atmosphere was reported in 1933, based on observation of the Moon using a mask that filtered out moonlight in order to study the spectrum of light emitted by sodium. Although sodium is believed to be just a trace in the Moon’s atmosphere, it is studied because it is relatively easy to detect and is used as a marker for other components, like potassium, neon, argon and helium. A 1993 study of lunar sodium, by Boston University scientists using improved instruments, determined that the atmosphere extended at least 5,000 miles above the Moon’s surface. The molecules, however, are few and far between, only an estimated 10 million per cubic […] Read More

1997: Scientists Pinpoint Moon’s Distance

.c The Associated Press By A.J. DICKERSON DETROIT (AP) – In a feat one astronomer describes as a “scientific slam- dunk,” scientists have pinpointed how many inches separate the Earth and its moon – 15 billion, give or take an inch. Scientists used mirrors on the moon and telescopes that fired lasers from Earth to come up with what University of Michigan astronomer Richard Teske called one of the most accurate scientific experiments ever undertaken. “Determining the moon’s distance to within one inch is an extraordinary accomplishment,” he said. “These exquisite measurements – a kind of scientific slam-dunk – are being used to test Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity.” The work, published in several journals, is done by physicists with an interest in Einstein’s theory of relativity and what it has to tell about gravity, he said Tuesday. “Right now all is well with Einstein. Relativity’s predictions seem to […] Read More

2003: Secret Bases on the Moon and Mars

by Doug Yurchey, 2003 This article is not based on direct evidence or some new discovery in space. Hopefully, it is based on some common sense. My argument is we, the people, have been lied to by our leaders. This concept is not a news flash for most of you who know the government and its many agencies have been untruthful about UFOs. Not only about UFOs; but when it comes to anything of a sensitive, controversial nature…our world leaders do not volunteer the truth. The public, in the age of computers and mass media, is kept in the dark. We are not meant to know what the ‘suits’ do behind closed doors. The authories aka secret societies; Freemasons; Illuminati; are the puppet-masters. THEY use their influence over known world leaders; celebrities; the motion-picture industry; news agencies and much more for one primary purpose: TO BRAINWASH US! We are controlled. We are manipulated. THEY are not going to tell you that you are being […] Read More

1997: List of Lunar Anomalies

NASA photo number Phenomena Lunar Location ————————————————————————— 72-H-835 Bridges Mare Cisium, Mare Tranquillitatus and Crater Proculus 66-H-1612 Manufactured objects, Southeastern Mare Tranquillitatus vehicle 72-H-1387 Machinery, Stitches Bullialdus-Lubinicky area 66-H-1293 Super rig in Lunar farside taken from Lunar octagonal crater orbitor I 72-H-1109 T-scoop cutting away East of Mare Smythii central mountain in crater 71-H-781 Super rig on crater Taken by Apollo 14 crew terrace 69-H-25 X-drones making Unnamed farside crater spiral cut 72-H-837 X-drones raising dust King Crater on crater rim 67-H-1206 Domes, construction, Tycho Crater screw 72-H-834 Spraying crater, Northwestern half of King crater cannon shaped object 72-H-836 Spraying crater in Farside King crater highlands 72-H-839 Sprayed craters, Farside King crater crosses and X-drones, spare parts, pipes in ridge, nozzle in crater 67-H-201 Latin cross near Crater Kepler in Oceanus crater 67-H-1135 Moving object with Crater Vitello tread 67-H-758 Group of objects with Cratered upland basin taken appendages, […] Read More

1998: The Monolith on Phobos

In 1998, the Mars Global Surveyor took two photographs of Mars’ satellite Phobos with its high-resolution camera. On seeing this image some time ago, I noticed what appeared to be an unusual formation in the processed version of image SP255103 that I downloaded from the MGS Archive maintained by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). My interpretation, however, was that while it was interesting, it could probably be explained as a rounded boulder casting a long shadow due to a low sun elevation. Mr. Efrain Palermo had also examined this image and came to a conclusion considerably different than my own. He had noticed something of possible significance that I had missed on my cursory examination: the white streak extending down from the left side of the object (or out from its base along the ground, in my interpretation). To him, this suggested that what I saw as a […] Read More