2010: US Gave Russia Advanced Technology To Stop WW3! And how the JFK Assassination was involved!

William Birnes of the History Channel revealed in our recent interview that Colonel Philip Corso of “Day After Roswell” fame stated we almost went to war with Russia and that conflict was settled because somehow, the USA gave the Russian Government the “Advanced” technology for the Russian Mig Fighter Jets Radar systems during our interview I have shared here.So the question then is who gave the Russian Government the US technology Russia and the rest of the world was so far behind on?Who was involved ya know?I began to wonder if there was any knowledge in the UFO Community that shared more detail on this exchange of “Advanced” Radar Technology between the USA and Russia?Sure enough, I knew of the following through my Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Insider Friend AR Bordon (Fifteen) the head of the NSA Labyrinth Group.“So what can you share with me that corroborates — even […] Read More

An Astral Prophet

Every educated Englishman has heard the name of General Yermoloff, one of the great military heroes of this age; and if at all familiar with the history of the Caucasian wars, he must be acquainted with the exploits of one of the chief conquerors of the land of those impregnable fastnesses where Shamil and his predecessors have defied for years the skill and strategy of the Russian armies. Be it as it may, the strange event herein narrated by the Caucasian hero himself, may interest students of psychology. That which follows is a verbatim translation from V. Potto’s Russian work “The War in Caucasus.” In volume II, chapter The period of Yermoloff (pp. 829-30-3I and 832) one reads these lines: Silently and imperceptibly glided away at Moscow the last days allotted to the hero. On April the 19th, 186I, he died in his 85th year, seated in his favorite […] Read More

Persian Zoroastrianism and Russian Vandalism

Few persons are capable of appreciating the truly beautiful and esthetic; fewer still of revering those monumental relics of bygone ages, which prove that even in the remotest epochs mankind worshipped a Supreme Power, and people were moved to express their abstract conceptions in works which should defy the ravages of Time. The Vandals – whether Slavic Wends, or some barbarous nation of Germanic race – came at all events from the North. A recent occurrence is calculated to make us regret that Justinian did not destroy them all; for it appears that there are still in the North worthy scions left of those terrible destroyers of monuments of arts and sciences, in the persons of certain Russian merchants who have just perpetrated an act of inexcusable vandalism. According to the late Russian papers, the Moscow arch-millionaire, Kokoref, with his Tiflis partner the American Crœsus, Mirzoef, is desecrating and […] Read More

The Grand Inquisitor

[Dedicated by the Translator to those sceptics who clamour so loudly, both in print and private letters – “Show us the wonder-working ‘Brothers,’ let them come out publicly and – we will believe in them!”] [The following is an extract from M. Dostoevsky’s celebrated novel, The Brothers Karamazof, the last publication from the pen of the great Russian novelist, who died a few months ago, just as the concluding chapters appeared in print. Dostoevsky is beginning to be recognized as one of the ablest and profoundest among Russian writers. His characters are invariably typical portraits drawn from various classes of Russian society, strikingly life-like and realistic to the highest degree. The following extract is a cutting satire on modern theology generally and the Roman Catholic religion in particular. The idea is that Christ revisits earth, coming to Spain at the period of the Inquisition, and is at once arrested […] Read More

The Fate Of The Occultist

From the first month of my arrival in America I began, for reasons mysterious, but perhaps intelligible, to provoke hatred among those who pretended to be on good terms with me, if not the best of friends. Slanderous reports, vile insinuations and innuendoes have rained about me. For more than two years I have kept silent, although the least of the offences attributed to me were calculated to excite the loathing of a person of my disposition. I have rid myself of a number of these retailers of slander, but finding that I was actually suffering in the estimation of friends whose good opinion I valued, I adopted a policy of seclusion. For two years my world has been in my apartments, and for an average of at least seventeen hours a day I have sat at my desk, with my books and manuscripts as my companions. During this […] Read More

1880: The History Of A “Book”

As the indications in the press all point towards a Russian reign of terror, either before or at the death of the Czar – most probably the former – a bird’s-eye view of the constitution of Russian society will enable us to better understand events as they transpire. Three distinct elements compose what is now known as the Russian aristocracy. These may be broadly said to represent the primitive Slavonian, the primitive Tartar, and composite Russianized immigrants from other countries, and subjects of conquered states, such as the Baltic provinces. The flower of the haute noblesse, those whose hereditary descent places them beyond challenge in the very first rank, are the Rurikovitch, or descendants of the Grand Duke Rurik and [the ruling families of the aforetime separate principalities of Novgorod, Pskof, etc., which were welded together into the Muscovite empire. Such are the Princes Bariatinsky, Dolgorouki, Shonysky (now extinct, […] Read More

The Jews In Russia

It is to be regretted that your incandescent contemporary, The Sun, should have no better sources of information. It stated on Saturday last that     In Russia the persecution of the Israelites is continued, with nearly all its ancient cruelty. They are not permitted to reside in many of the greatest cities. Kief and Novgorod as well as Moscow are forbidden to them, and even in the rural districts they are burdened with multiform exactions. This is the reverse of correct, as is also the further statement that     They have been robbed and oppressed in Bulgaria by the Russians. The murdering and plundering at the seat of war, it is now pretty well settled, has been done by the Turks exclusively, and, notwithstanding that the English and other Turkophile organs have diligently cast the blame upon the Russians, the plot of the Ottoman Government, thanks to the honest old German […] Read More

2012: Is A “Breakaway Civilization” Behind The Mysterious Secret Space Program?

March 22, 2012 17:30 EDT By Sean Casteel It has long been theorized that there exists a secret space program, an enormously complex program to conquer the nearby solar system with manmade spaceships that have been hidden from public view perhaps since the late 19th century. Timothy Beckley, the editor of “The Conspiracy Journal” and the Global Communications publisher, has recently released a new book called “The Secret Space Program: Who Is Responsible?” that covers this arcane subject most thoroughly. The book is co-authored by Beckley, Tim R. Swartz, Commander X, and myself, and includes the full text of a book I co-authored with Swartz ten years ago called “Nikola Tesla, Journey To Mars.” But let’s look first at the newer material. “The Secret Space Program” begins with an interview with Richard Dolan, the author of “UFOs And The National Security State,” Volumes I and II. Dolan’s conservatism of […] Read More