Clinton Morning Age published on November 16, 1897. BONES OF GIANT INDIANS. Prehistoric Men Seven Feet Tall Who Lived in what is Maryland. There has just been received at the Maryland Academy of Sciences the skeleton of an Indian seven feet tall. It was discovered near Antietam ten days ago. There are now skeletons of three powerful Indians at the academy who at one time in their wildness roamed over the State of Maryland armed with such instruments as nature gave them, or that their limited skill taught them to make. Two of these skeletons belonged to individuals evidently of gigantic size. The vertebrae and bones of the leg’s are nearly as thick as those of a horse, and the length of the long bones exceptional. The skulls are of fine proportions, ample, and with walls of moderate thickness, but of great strength, and stiffened behind by a powerful […] Read More

2013: Jim Vieira and the Giants

Madness by Think There is lots of talk about Jim Vieira and his Giants, are they real or a Giant Hoax? There have been reports of Giant skeletons found all over the world. There seems to be more found here? These Red Haired Giants were reported by Native groups throughout history. Even in my neck of the woods, we have mounds and lots of them. 10 years ago I was talking with a guy who is at the top of his field in Archaeology and stated that the history of our past has not only been deliberately covered up but is vastly different then what we are told. Here you go and more to follow. Ross Hamilton, Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman | Giants, Mound … http://information-machine.blogspot.com3/17/13 Ross Hamilton, Jim Vieira & Hugh Newman | Giants, Mound Builders & Etheric Energy, March 17, 2013 … March 17, 2013–In this […] Read More