Clinton Morning Age published on November 16, 1897. BONES OF GIANT INDIANS. Prehistoric Men Seven Feet Tall Who Lived in what is Maryland. There has just been received at the Maryland Academy of Sciences the skeleton of an Indian seven feet tall. It was discovered near Antietam ten days ago. There are now skeletons of three powerful Indians at the academy who at one time in their wildness roamed over the State of Maryland armed with such instruments as nature gave them, or that their limited skill taught them to make. Two of these skeletons belonged to individuals evidently of gigantic size. The vertebrae and bones of the leg’s are nearly as thick as those of a horse, and the length of the long bones exceptional. The skulls are of fine proportions, ample, and with walls of moderate thickness, but of great strength, and stiffened behind by a powerful […] Read More


This was published on October 23, 1925 in the Evening News, San Jose, California. MOUND GIANTS IN INDIANA SAID TO ANTEDATE INDIAN South Bend, Indiana – Eight skeletons, one of them clad in copper armor, and a heard of rare war weapons and bits of personal adornment have been found in a mysterious mound on the farm of Grove Vosburg near Walkerton. Vosburg, a 70 year old farmer, had long desired to know the secret of the mount, which, according to local tradition dates back thousands of years. Secretly excavating the pile of earth he came upon a strange burial place. Giant Skeletons The eight skeletons lay in circular formation, arranged like the spokes of a wheel, with skulls together.  Copper breastplates, bands and other bits of armor adorned the skeleton on one man, who apparently had been of giant stature.  Embedded in this skull was a beautifully chipped arrowhead. The soft earth […] Read More