1881: Nature’s Human Magnets

Nature’s Human Magnets If any of us now-a-days ventures to relate some weird experience or seemingly incomprehensible phenomenon, two classes of objectors try to stop his mouth with the same gag. The scientist cries – “I have unravelled all Nature’s skein, and the thing is impossible; this is no age for miracles!” The Hindu bigot says – “This is the Kali Yug, the spiritual night-time of humanity; miracles are no longer possible.” Thus the one from conceit, the other from ignorance reaches the same conclusion, viz., that nothing that smacks of the supernatural is possible in these latter days. The Hindu, however, believes that miracles did once occur, while the scientist does not. As for the bigoted Christians, this is not a Kali Yug but – if one might judge by what they say – a golden era of light, in which the splendour of the Gospel is illuminating […] Read More

What is Time?

‘TIME’ – AS GIVEN TO ME FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. By N Molloy This was given to me after I was shown an event which was on another timeline operating on their Jan 4 2005. It ended as an Armageddon type scenario. But it didn’t show in our timeframe for that date. However something of that nature may still happen to bring the two realities into alignment. I’m still working on the relationship of one timeline to another. I’ve seen supposedly extinct timelines re-animate when hope was revived for their remanifestation. It’s obviously complicated and all I can do is write what happened and learn from hindsight or more information as it happens. Time proceeds from a central spot within the universe. Forward time emanates from the mind and thoughts of God, as He thinks and creates and it pushes all events forward as He creates them – […] Read More

1948: Nature’s Magic

By Allan J. Stover Originally published in 1948 by Theosophical University Press, Covina, CA; electronic version ISBN 1-55700-151-0. All rights reserved. This edition may be downloaded for off-line viewing without charge. Because of current limitations in ASCII character fonts, and for ease in searching, no diacritical marks appear in the electronic version of the text. Table of Contents Introduction Brotherhood in Nature The Poetry of Earth Music of the Spheres Opening the Book of Nature Our Atlantis Dryad, Hamadryad, and Sequoia Vernal Pools Timberline The Water Ouzel Mountain Sanctuary Reverie Angels of the Sea The Fog Sea The Cloud The Kingdom of the Clouds The Rhythm of Life Robin Round-the-Year Trail Blazers The Saga of a Monarch Butterfly Autumn Tapestry November Alchemy Winter in Nature The Architecture of the Snow Seeds Go Traveling Our Sevenfold Earth Deserts and Evolution Appendix TUP Online Menu Theosophical University Press, publishing and distributing […] Read More

1992: Wisdom of the Elders

David Suzuki Despite their different perspectives on the natural world, shaman and wise scientist seem to be issuing strikingly similar messages about the underlying interconnectedness of all life and warnings about the deteriorating state of natural systems. Our book, Wisdom of the Elders, is an exploration of a few of these shared ecological themes. It represents a search for points of intellectual, emotional, and poetic resonance between some of the most profound truths of modern life sciences–particularly evolutionary biology, genetics, and ecology–and those of the time-tested nature-wisdom of First Peoples around the world, ranging from American, Andean, and Amazonian Indians of the New World to indigenous peoples of Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, and beyond. -Ed Native Visions of Nature Shamans and scientists for centuries have asked very different kinds of questions of the cosmos. How different are the “answers” each has elicited? One way to distill the differences between Native […] Read More