2013: The Earth vs. The Nazi Flying Saucers – Moon Bases, Space Wars and the Moon Hoax

By Olav Phillips Many years ago I was introduced to the amazing videos of Ed Grimsley, who at the time was discussing the idea that UFOs were engaging in some level of extra-atmospheric combat.  At the time I dismissed the idea, thinking if a alien ship had come all this way that alien ship would posses enough destructive power to render our defensive apparatus null and void and simply blow anything we could throw at it out of the sky. Now many years later, and especially given recent research into the Secret Space Program as well as the actual composition of battle platforms in space that maybe Grimsley was on to something.  He was on to something but I suspect it was not aliens duking it out with earthmen but instead a space war between a breakaway civilization and its earthly brethren. There are a couple of alternatives here.  […] Read More

1989: Cooper Lecture Transcript

A Seminar on MAJIC 12 by Milton William Cooper  November 17th, 1989  Fellow Computer Enthusiasts, 11-24-89 What follows is a transcript of a 45 minute lecture that I attended on 11-17-89 at the “Whole Life Expo” in Los Angeles, California. Speaking was Mr. Milton William Cooper with whom I first became acquainted through a text file I downloaded from a local computer BBS. The file dealt with the subject of UFO’s and our government’s concealment of the truth about them in such a way that it made a lasting impression on me, which is why I attended his lecture; to learn more. Please forgive my probable misspelling of some of the proper names in the transcript which follows and allow that I have taken it as best I could, word-for-word, from a less than acceptable micro-cassette recording. If you are as moved by what you are about to read […] Read More

Seventeen Years of Bilderbergers including the 2000 Invitees and Their Elite Affiliations*

By Eric Samuelson, J.D. Name                                                        Associations Dean Gooderham Acheson BB/CFR Theodore C. Achilles BB/CFR Josef Ackermann BB Umberto Agnelli BB Terence Airey BB Keith B. Alexander BB Paul Arthur Allaire BB/CFR/TC Graham Tillety Allison, Jr. BB/CFR/TC Roger Altman BB Joaquim Ferreira Amaral BB Tage Andersen BB Robert Orville Anderson BB/CFR Dwayne Orville Andreas BB/CFR/TC Hannes Androsch BB Charles C. Arliotis BB Michael Hayden Armacost BB/CFR/TC Jacob A. Ashberg BB Anders Aslund BB F.D. Aster BB George Wildman Ball BB/CFR Francisco Pinto Balsemao BB Walworth Barbour BB Percy Barnevik BB Robert Leroy Bartley BB/CFR/TC Robert Leroy Bartley BB/CFR/TL Wilfrid S. Baumgartner BB Evan Bayh BB Queen Beatrix BB Frederick Sessions Beebe BB/CFR David E. Bell BB/CFR Elliott Vance Bell BB/CFR George W. Bell BB Douglas J. Bennet, Jr. BB Frederic M. Bennett BB Jack F. Bennett BB Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. BB/CFR Fritz Berg BB Samuel […] Read More