2015: New York’s Island of the Dead

It’s a place in which close to a million bodies rest underneath the earth. The bodies of those forgotten by society and the bodies of those who society never knew.  It’s the United States’ largest mass burial site yet the only way to set foot on top of that soil is by either official permission by New York’s  Department of Correction, an inmate at Rikers prison, or as a cadaver. Hart Island, New York.  Around a mile long and about a quarter mile in width, the island is a small patch of land floating on the Long Island Sound next to the Bronx. For over a century it has been the site of a mass grave and home to the hundreds of thousands of paupers and unclaimed residents of New York state.  A Dark Hart: Prison camp, Lunatic asylum, Reformatory, Sanatorium, and a Potter’s field Closed off to the […] Read More