The Good Guys vs. The Bad Guys

By: Richard Davis, MD | A Patriot’s Lament, and a Plan of Action. “All modern tyrannies follow exactly the same blueprint. They begin by cloaking themselves in “legality” as they ascend through a coordinated, incremental, progressive subversion of law.” I was inspired to compose this treatise because I am a Patriot and I miss my country; although I still live here. I wrote this because I love the promise of what America once was; I got to see it for myself first-hand growing up. I am lucky because I remember what things used to be like. I am sad because I have watched things change… I was born in 1953, just as the thin veneer of our exceptionalism was beginning to lose its luster. My life has traversed the most accelerated period of American deconstruction in her history; and throughout my entire adult life I have watched our progressive […] Read More

9 Signs the Kochs Have Created Their Own National Political Party

The Koch Party is what plutocracy, not democracy, looks like. It is time to stop talking about the Koch brothers and instead talk about the Koch Party, the nation’s third largest political network that is a full-blown but private political operation. The Koch Party has come into view in 2014, as some of the country’s best investigative reporters have traced and exposed various elements of their operation. The Koch Party is not as large as the Democrats or the Republicans, but is still unprecedented in size, scope and reach. Like other political parties, it has a platform, donors and constituents, electoral and advertising strategies, voter data, and—after the 2014 midterms—members of Congress ready to shepherd its pro-corporate, anti-regulatory agenda. But unlike the Democrats and Republicans, the Koch Party is not public. It doesn’t have national political conventions attended by the media and delegates. Instead it has secretive getaways for mega-millionaires […] Read More

Police-Provoked Violence At Protests Is As Predictable As It Is Avoidable, New Research Finds

A study of 1000s of incidents during Occupy reveals how violence erupts. Across America, protesters and police increasingly seem to be on a collision course. Whether demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, or during the Occupy Movement, or at routine political party conventions, police increasingly show up heavily armed and ready to use force to control crowds. The results are often unnecessary violence, prompting the same questions after every confrontation, “What could have been done differently?” The Deciding Force Project is analyzing thousands of police-protester interactions during the Occupy protests to answer that. Nick Adams, a sociologist and fellow at University of California Berkeley’s Institute for Data Science, oversees this research and spoke to AlterNet’s Steven Rosenfeld about what provokes police-protester violence. Steven Rosenfeld: Are police provoking violence in demonstrations? Are they doing this? And then we can get into the evidence and talk about what might be different. Nick Adams: […] Read More

2013: How the FBI Manipulates Grand Juries to Intimidate Political Dissidents and Radicals

Grand juries have seen a resurgence as the FBI cracks down on radical communities. From the narrow windows of New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center, 24-year-old anarchist Jerry Koch can see the last place he stood as a free person. The federal courthouse at 500 Pearl Street is a familiar setting where Koch spent much of his time over the past several years providing legal support to New York activists. During Occupy Wall Street, Koch gained a reputation as the go-to person for help contacting lawyers, raising bail, and organizing supporters to be there when someone had a hearing or was released. This, his supporters say, is why he now has a view of the courthouse from his cell in the federal prison across the street. Koch’s partner, Amanda Clarke, will tell you that all prisoners are political prisoners. Koch, however, fits a more traditional definition of the term. He […] Read More