2014: Large Scale Nuclear Reactor Is 1.8 Billion Years old

The Gabon Republic in Africa is considered a rich source of uranium. Forty- two years ago, a French mining company imported uranium ore from Oklo in Gabon, and discovered the uranium had already been extracted. It contained 0.3 percent of uranium-235, whereas natural uranium contains 0.7 percent of uranium-235. So where had the uranium gone? The site where the uranium had come from was found to be a very technical underground nuclear reactor that surpassed our current scientific knowledge. Scientists from around the world were astounded and shocked at this discovery and went to investigate. It was ascertained that the nuclear reactor was 1.8 billion years old, and had been in operation for around half a million years. French scientist Perrin and others came to the conclusion that the uranium samples from the Oklo plant had the same level of the isotopes present in used nuclear fuel generated in today’s nuclear […] Read More