Cities Of Refuge: Why Are People Creating Hundreds Of Places Of Refuge All Over America?

All over the United States, cities of refuge are being created.  Now when I say “cities”, I don’t mean vast areas of land that can hold hundreds of thousands or millions of people.  Rather, I am talking about much smaller places of refuge that can accommodate dozens or hundreds of people.  In a few cases, I know of places of refuge that will be able to take in thousands of people, but that is about as big as they get.  There are individuals all across America that have specifically felt called to build communities where large numbers of people will be able to gather when society totally collapses.  So why is this happening?  Why do so many people feel such an urgency to create cities of refuge that would presumably never be used if we don’t ever see full-blown societal breakdown? In the headline, I claimed that hundreds of […] Read More

1989: Crying Souls

Do you hear the sadness as it races across the winds? Can you hear the crying that happens within? Can you see the hurt and pain within my eyes? They grow dark and dim, as heavily clouded dark skies. There is a constant battle with many souls, There is pain that has long grown old. Inside there are voices that express many fears, All with different faces, and many tears. The heart within this body aches and grows old. From the crying of the many souls. There are six that linger in my mind, All alike, yet different in places and time. They find no rest or happiness, The grow unsettled with fear that never grows less. Trust is a hard word for them to understand, It is hard for them to let go and take a loving hand. Pain, abuse and nights filled with unspeakable terror, Are all […] Read More

The Kahun Gynaecological Papyrus

Case Menu 1. Aching eyes, lack of vision and neck pains 2. Hurting womb 3. Pain in the lower torso 4. Problems in the abdomen, vulva and kidneys 5. Teeth and jaws pains, inability to open the mouth 6. Aches in all limbs, with pain in the sockets of the eyes 7. Hurting feet (?) and legs after walking 8. Pains in the neck, abdomen and ears, inability to hear speech 9. Pains in the vulva, and all the limbs. 10. Urinary problems 11. Staying in bed 12. Lower leg pains 13. Problems in …, the legs, and the side of … 14. Thirsting …. 15. Swollen abdomen 16. kemtu of the uterus 17. Problems with blood …. womb, headache, pain in the mouth(?) and wrist 18. Exposing a woman to her man 19. Diagnosing the gender of the unborn 20. Remedy for getting pregnant 21. Prevention of … […] Read More