Woman Claims to be From a Parallel Universe

by Scott McMan, GhostTheory We’ve all heard of alternate dimensions and universes. Many believe we are just a frequency away from an alternate existence. Still others claim that beings from other dimensions pop in and out of our world at will, somewhat like The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Now a story comes to us out of Spain about a woman who claims to have woken up one day to find her life and past had changed.  Unfortunately, she remembers a different reality than those who know her best. Lerina García, a 41 year old, well educated professional opened her eyes one morning to discover she was in what she later assumed to be an alternate universe existence of her own life. Garcia’s experience was related in 2008 when she made an effort to search for help on the Internet. Apparently it’s just now making the rounds in America. […] Read More


“BUCKLE YOUR SEATBELT DOROTHY… ‘CAUSE KANSAS IS GOING BYE-BYE!” from: THE MATRIX, with Keanu Reeves Here is a list of time travel links for all of you quantum  warriors out there. Remember, when time traveling, all Quantum Force personnel must adhere strictly to the Temporal Prime directive. This adherence is NOT to prevent one from changing history, for in a battle between the time-traveler and the timeline for third dimensional supremacy, the time-traveler WILL lose out to the timeline IF he or she [or it] insists on attempting to altar events that have been SET in the “eternal now” as a result of all past-present-future influences simultaneously being brought to bear against them. Only ONE third-dimensional event can exist within the same third-dimensional space at the same “time”. Sure, one might be able to generate quasi-material localized “parallel” realities that can hover pretty close to the periphery of the linear third dimensional realm, however one would be walking on “slippery ground” none-the-less, […] Read More

My trip across the parallel universe

 by Misty This is a story about a wonderful thing that happened to me, and I would like to share it. With all my heart and soul I swear it is true. I went on holiday to Egypt in June 1980, to see an Egyptian whose visa had run out for UK. I got off the plane at about 7.30 pm and he was there waiting. After coming back from the airport, I socialized with my friend’s mother, had snacks etc. and went to bed alone at about 11pm. I turned off the light and lay down to rest. As I suffer insomnia quite often, I usually reflect a bit on the past day to digest what has occurred  and philosophize about the significance of anything I learnt, so was staring into space, thinking how wonderful it was to be in Egypt. I was wide awake and had only lay down a […] Read More

Parallel Universes

Written by Editor VOPUS There is a bold hypothesis that suggests the existence of a phantom universe similar to our own: “Only a very weak interaction between these two universes exists, therefore we do not see this other world that is mixed with our own.” Revolutionary, scientific Gnosticism goes much further into this question, emphatically affirming the harmonious coexistence of an infinitude of parallel universes. The radical exclusion of this transcendental, scientific concept would leave a considerable number of unclassified events without a logical explanation, such as mysterious disappearances, etc. On the perfumed and delectable shores of a river, that joyfully and happily sings while gliding within the profound jungles of a tropical region of South America, a group of innocent children watched in horror as their own beloved mother disappeared. She floated in the air for a few moments, then apparently submerged herself into another dimension. “On a […] Read More