2004: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 2 – Contents

Session 8: Wernicke’s to Kill Us Session 9: Wernicke’s from Reptilians Session 10: Etheric Connection to a Machine on Mars Session 11: Torture to Suppress Psychic Abilities I Session 12: Torture to Suppress Psychic Abilities II Session 13: Pat Seeks Recruits & is Discovered Session 14: Pat Seeks Recruits & is Discovered Session 15: Pat Abducted from our Home Session 16: Pat kills a General – on Four Different Time Lines Session 17: Abducted at the hospital Session 18: Wernicke’s to keep her at Work Session 19: Wernicke’s for Negative Hallucinations Session 20: Wernicke’s for Maintaining Control Results Reported by Pat After the Second Series of Sessions Session 21: Wernicke’s to stop removal of Wernicke’s Session 22: Alters are Activated by Different Breathing Patterns Session 23: The Alter Anne Kills the Man Pat Likes Session 24: Breath Activation of the Anne alter Session 25: Abducted Last Night to Mars […] Read More

2004: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 2 – Preface

First Published August 15 2004 This is book Two of the “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story”. If you have not yet read Book One, please stop reading now and go and download Book One and read it, because Book Two will make little sense unless you have read Book One first. During the original biofeedback meter sessions with Pat, I discovered that she periodically went into a trance for several minutes, where she could hear and see everything but could not move a muscle or speak. She did this three times in my presence, the first when I was driving her back to her hotel. It was quite an eerie feeling to be with someone who had to all appearances turned into a living statue. Several months after the sessions, After Pat completed the ten hours of biofeedback meter sessions that are recorded in Book One of “The […] Read More

2003: Contents: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1

Session 1: Violent Reaction Session 2: A Reptilian Attacks Pat’s Heart Session 3: Interview Session 4: Remote Viewers Interfere Session 5: Testing members at a famous CEO’s House Session 6: Mind Control on a Decommissioned Naval Ship Session 7: Transported to Mars © Stephanie Relfe 2002 Download THE MARS FORCE: PAT’S STORY Related articles How 9/11 Truth Looms in the Background of the CIA Torture Stories 1954: The day UFOs stopped play 2014: UFOs Demonstrate Shape Shifting Ability Over Massachusetts Alien Base Inside The Bucegi Mountains University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us Our Forests Aren’t Fuel Time Travel: Merely Possible, or Entirely Probable?

2003: Preface: The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1

How Pat’s membership in a Military Cadet Program led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of her Psychic Abilities. First Published June 13 2002 In 2001 a woman in her early 50s named Pat contacted me after she read “The Mars Records” (www.themarsrecords.com) and decided to have clearing and kinesiology sessions. She lived quite a distance from where I was, but eventually she was able to make the journey and spent a week undergoing sessions with me. Pat had been involved in the research and investigation of UFOs from 1978 to 1987, but she was not consciously involved with that activity at the time she saw me. She came to me mainly because she had experienced a great deal of trouble completing projects: sometimes she would just lie on her bed and stare at the ceiling, unable to do anything, for hours at a time! When she read the […] Read More