1998: Island City

From Mars Global Surveyor, orbit 37, image #4: Traverse Highlands Channel Arda Valles and Massifs Latitude:      -18.69° Longitude:     33.71° When I first viewed this area in the MGS archives, what caught my eye was the parallel grooves and other linear features. After processing with Maximum Entropy Deconvolution, the details have become more visible. Study this area closely, you may be surprised at what you may find…   This is a 2x enlargement of the terraces and surrounding area Above images copyright © Steve Wingate and Anomalous Images. All rights reserved.  The following images bear a startling resemblance to the terrace discovered on Mars. Could these features have been inspired, and perhaps even built, by the same intelligent beings? The same intensive farming methods used in the mountains of Peru would be very well adapted to the thin atmosphere of Mars when water and life may have been abundant in the distant past, […] Read More

Pictures with facts of Ancient Mysteries

This artifact discovered in Iraq near Baghdad in 1936, is said to be an 1800-year-old electric cell. When tested by science, it produced a current of up to two volts. Wooden aircraft model of unknown age at the Egyptian Museum. (Cairo) Crystal skull discovered 1935 in the Maya ruins of Lubaantún, Belize Antic aircraft models of gold, some people think that they are insects but insects were never made of gold. (Pre-Inka aircraftlike models,” State Bank, Bogota, Bolivia“) Astronaut like drawings at Val Caminica, Italy This looks like a launching ramp or something like that. The problem is that its age is unknown. (El Fuerte, near Samaipata, Bolivia) No one has ever entered this pyramid or knows the purpose of it. (Nemrud Dag, East-Turkey) Mysteries of the Eastern Island The biggest rock weighs approximately 360 tons. They still don’t know how the Inka’s could build such a wall. (Sacsayhuaman, Peru) Unknown writings […] Read More

1880:A Land Of Mystery

Whether one surveys the imposing ruins of Memphis or Palmyra; stands at the foot of the great pyramid of Ghizé; wanders along the shores of the Nile; or ponders amid the desolate fastnesses of the long-lost and mysterious Petra; however clouded and misty the origin of these prehistoric relics may appear, one nevertheless finds at least certain fragments of firm ground upon which to build conjecture. Thick as may be the curtain behind which the history of these antiquities is hidden, still there are rents here and there through which one may catch glimpses of light. We are acquainted with the descendants of the builders. And, however superficially, we also know the story of the nations whose vestiges are scattered around us. Not so with the antiquities of the New World of the two Americas. There, all along the coast of Peru, all over the Isthmus and North America, […] Read More


by Paul Damon.  No copyright restrictions. PERU- Stargate, dimensional gate or simply carved rock?? This question has arisen in the minds of Peruvian Ufologists recently… I wrote the following brief article a couple of months ago for publishing in the British TruthSeekers Review and thought that it might arouse the curiosity of some in this newsgroup. I first heard of it while in conversation with a Peruvian UFO researcher. What follows is the compilation of information that was subsequently sent on to me after I spent much time ringing contacts around Lima. A huge mysterious door-like structure has recently been discovered in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Southern Peru. Hayu Marca, 35 kilometers from the city of Puno has long been revered by local Indians as the “City of the Gods“, and has never been fully explored because of the rugged mountain terrain. Although no actual city has […] Read More

2008: Stargates: Elaborate Fiction? Or Hidden Truth?

With a movie, a series of books, and over a decade worth of serialized television episodes under its belt, the topic of “Stargates” is definitely a point of interest to fans of science fiction, but are these portals to other worlds real? Or just clever works of fiction? Many people believe that the former is the truth and that stargates, both “natural” and man-made existed and still exist to this day. The devices theoretically function by harnessing wormholes in the space-time continuum as modes of travel. Wormholes, or Einstein-Rosen Bridges, are basically shortcuts between two point in space in time. The most common way of explaining how they work is to imagine the universe as a two-dimensional piece of paper, then imagine two-point on opposite ends of the paper. Next, realize that the fastest way to connect the two-point isn’t by drawing a straight line, but is instead to […] Read More

2006: The Quest For The Metal Library

A system of tunnels and caves beneath Ecuador and Peru is reputed to hold an ancient treasure-house of artifacts including two libraries, one containing inscribed metal books and the other storing tablets of crystal. Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 13, Number 4 (June – July 2006) PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia. editor@nexusmagazine.com Telephone: +61 (0)7 5442 9280; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381 From our web page at: www.nexusmagazine.com by Philip Coppens a 2006 PO Box 13722 North Berwick EH39 4WB United Kingdom Email: info@philipcoppens.comg Website: http://www.philipcoppens.com image: Neil Armstrong, inside the Tayos Cave, 1976 It’s not what you know, but who you know. In 1973, Erich von Daniken, at the height of his fame following the success of Chariots of the Gods?, claimed that he had entered into a gigantic subterranean tunnel system in Ecuador, which he was told spanned the length of the continent surely evidence […] Read More

2002: Doorway to The Universe

The doorway is indeed located where the story indicates. And while this is a remote region, it is not so remote that people don’t live nearby. Reading the story you are led to believe the location is quite well hidden. This is not entirely true. It is only a short walk from the highway that continues on to the Peru – Bolivia border. Those living nearby farm the fields right in front of the doorway and throughout the area. They in the area are a closed group that does not welcome outsiders and keep to themselves, never giving the (now) frequent visitors any trouble. They simply watch as you explore the surrounding area and examine the cliff face where the door is located. They have known of this place for a very long time. The doorway isn’t large as one can see by the picture. It is actually shorter […] Read More

2012: Ancient Amazon civilization laid bare by felled forest

Uncovering civilization Signs of what could be a previously unknown ancient civilization are emerging from beneath the felled trees of the Amazon. Some 260 giant avenues, ditches and enclosures have been spotted from the air in a region straddling Brazil’s border with Bolivia. The traditional view is that before the arrival of the Spanish and Portuguese in the 15th century there were no complex societies in the Amazon basin – in contrast to the Andes further west where the Incas built their cities. Now deforestation increased air travel, and satellite imagery are telling a different story. “It’s never-ending,” says Denise Schaan of the Federal University of Pará in Belém, Brazil, who made many of the new discoveries from planes or by examining Google Earth images. “Every week we find new structures.” Some of them are square or rectangular, while others form concentric circles or complex geometric figures such as […] Read More