1899: An Antarctic Mystery, by Jules Verne

BY JULES VERNE TRANSLATED BY MRS. CASHEL HOEY ILLUSTRATED The Tasman to the rescue 1899 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS The Tasman to the rescue frontispiece The approach of the Halbrane 11 Going aboard the Halbrane 29 Cook’s route was effectively barred by ice floes 83 Taking in sail under difficulties 103 “There, look there! That’s a fin-back!” 117 Hunt to the rescue 127 Four sailors at the oars, and one at the helm 139 Hunt extended his enormous hand, holding a metal collar 161 Dirk Peters shows the way 179 The half-breed in the crow’s nest 189 The Halbrane fast in the iceberg 227 The Halbrane, staved in, broken up 253 “I was afraid; I got away from him” 267 William Guy 299 An Antarctic Mystery 321 The Parcuta 329 TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter I. The Kerguelen Islands. Chapter II. The Schooner Halbrane Chapter III. Captain Len Guy Chapter IV. From […] Read More

2001: Mystery of the Eltanin Antenna

21-Jul-2001 from UnknownCountry Website Between 1962 and 1979 the NSF Polar Research Vessel Eltanin (below image) surveyed Antarctic waters, studying the ocean and ocean bottom. In 1964, the ship photographed an unusual object at a depth of 13,500 feet. At the time, there was no submarine that could have carried a piece of technology to this depth.  The object appears to be a pole rising from the ocean floor with twelve spokes radiating from it, each ending in a sphere. The spokes are at fifteen degree angles to each other. It is located approximately 1,000 miles south of Cape Horn, beneath some of the most inhospitable seas in the world. Marine biologists have speculated that it might be some sort of an organism, largely because it is otherwise so difficult to explain. However, there is no known form of marine life that looks remotely like this object. Left: The […] Read More