Skunk Outwits Coyote

Native American Lore Coyote was going along one day, feeling very hungry, when he met up with Skunk. “Hello, brother,” Coyote greeted him. “You look hungry and so am I.   If I lead the way, will you join me in a trick to get something to eat?” “I will do whatever you propose,” said Skunk. “A prairie dog village is just over that hill. You go over there and lie down and play dead. I’ll come along later and say to the prairie dogs, ‘Come, let us have a dance over the body of our dead enemy.’ “ Skunk wondered how they would ever get anything to eat by playing dead and dancing. “Why should I do this?” he asked. “Go on,” Coyote said. “Puff yourself up and play dead.” Skunk went on to the prairie dog village and pretended to be dead. After a while Coyote came […] Read More