Cannupa – the Basis of Lakota Spirituality

Excerpts from an article by Ben Black Bear, Jr. Lakota Society based its entire religious philosophy on the revelation of the Creator acting through Nature. The “Wakan” or sacred things contained in nature were sought out by this society and through perceptions of these mysterious and sacred things a religious philosophy was developed. Upon looking, what can be found as the most mysterious or sacred thing ever naturally happening in the universe? Is it the powerful thunder, wind, lightning, movement, and sounds of living things, or something else? The thunder which brings rain, the wind which has the power to destroy many things, and all living things have movement and sound which allow them to be understood. All these things are sacred, but the most mysterious and sacred is the conception and birth of a living thing, especially a human. The Sacred Pipe can be looked at in many […] Read More

Religious Experiences

by Misty JESUS APPEARED TO ME IN A CATHEDRAL Photo of this place above, but it was on the right of the pillars, at the front. When I was approximately 14, a vision happened in a Catholic Cathedral mass with the school. I was playing up and laughing with my friends, as I believed in evolution, so didn’t respect the church as God’s house. There were large pillars up the church which blocked off the centre seats. I was at the back of the large cathedral and there was nobody in the side seats, with the rest of the school in the centre seats. I felt strongly compelled to look up at the white wall at the front of the church at the side, above a statue area and when I did a large face materialised into a black image on the wall of a man with long […] Read More

Ancient Arapahoe prayer

hehheisonoonin neniitoneino’, noh hebesiibeih’in. Let them hear us, our fathers and our grandfathers. Hee3ei’iinoh’oeseihiit, noh nohkunihiitowoo; I say this in conjunction with all the heavenly lights; Hiisi’ niihooyoo’, heseisen hii3eti’, The yellow day, the good wind, Neeyeici’ hii3eti’, biito’owu’ huu3eti’. the good timber, the good earth. Cese’eihii heetihceh’e3tiin he3oowowu’! You animals who live below the earth, I pray that you hear my words! No’xuutowu’ cese’eihii, neci’  cese’eihiiho’, cihbehceh’e3tii’! You animals who live on the earth, and in the water, listen to my prayer! Heciiyowooninoo, heetwonibiini’ heetih’i3eihit, Your surplus is going to be eaten so that the people will prosper, Heetihcihkoutee’ hoowu3oow hiine’etiit, so that the breath of life will endure for a long time, Heetih’iihooho’owoo’ hinenteeniit, tei’yoonehe’ heeneicxooyeiht, so that the tribe will be numerous: the children of all ages, Hiseihihi’ noh honoh’oehihi’ noh hinen heeneicxooyeiht, the girls and boys and men of all ages, Hisei, beh’eihehi’ heeneicxooyeihin betebi. […] Read More

Origin of the Lakota Peace Pipe

Lakota Native American Lore Long, long ago, two young and handsome Lakota were chosen by their band to find out where the buffalo were. While the men were riding in the buffalo country, they saw someone in the distance walking toward them. As always they were on the watch for any enemy. So they hid in some bushes and waited. At last the figure came up the slope. To their surprise, the figure walking toward them was a woman. When she came closer, she stopped and looked at them. They knew that she could see them, even in their hiding place. On her left arm she carried what looked like a stick in a bundle of sagebrush. Her face was beautiful. One of the men said, “She is more beautiful than anyone I have ever seen. I want her for my wife.” But the other man replied, “How dare […] Read More