Cruel and Illegal: Police Are Stalking Methadone Clinics to Target and Harass Patients

Methadone is a proven legal treatment for heroin and other opiate addiction, but some cops don’t know or don’t care Courtney’s life spiraled out of control when she became dependent on opiates. After years of struggling with addiction, the 31-year-old Texas native heard about methadone treatment, a therapy in which patients take daily doses of medicine to control cravings for illicit opiates. Courtney enrolled as a patient at a methadone clinic outside Austin. She began visiting the clinic daily for a dose of methadone, which helped eliminate her cravings, and slowly, began to pick up the other pieces of her life. That changed the day she became the victim of illegal profiling by police. One hot day in September 2014 as Courtney was exiting the methadone clinic parking lot, a police cruiser pulled her over for making a wide turn. Two officers, a male and female, ordered her out […] Read More