2015: Sometimes You’re Better Off Breaking The Law. But When?

What exactly is civil disobedience? It’s a tricky one to define. But, for the sake of ease, let’s just say it like this: Civil disobedience is the performance of an illegal act which is directed in some way against the government, for whatever reason. Sometimes, civil disobedience is also known as “non-violent direct action.” Just remember, there’s a difference between just breaking the law, and disobeying it. If you decide to drive your car home from the bar after drinking seven beers, it is not an act of civil disobedience. Why not? Because your action is not aimed at trying to change some law within our government. You are simply driving home drunk because you don’t want to wait for a taxi, right? People who carry out acts of civil disobedience usually want to make something “better” for the whole of society, not just for themselves. It’s also worth noting that civilly disobedient […] Read More

2014: Obama Caught Lying Again: “We Don’t Have The Technological Breakthroughs To Replace Fossil Fuels”

Not long ago, Barack Obama said: “We’re all about increasing energy efficiency and finding new, renewable, clean sources of energy. We don’t yet have the technological breakthroughs that could completely replace fossil fuels. We will be using our current methods of energy generation for the next 20 to 30 years. ” (see video below) This is another example of the president of the United States blatantly lying. It’s extremely clear that we do have solutions to the current energy challenges we have. This became even more evident in the mainstream world when (recently) the Rockefeller family dropped their investments in fossil fuels and switched over to clean energy. (source) The world’s largest private bank, UBS, is urging investors to join the clean, renewable energy movement. Analysts at the bank say that power plants in Europe might be extinct within the next 10 to 20 years. “Most of the plants retiring in […] Read More

2014: America’s Energy Madness—We’re Banning Solar Panels, But Many Towns Can’t Regulate Fracking

When it comes to state and local politics, the oil industry is much more powerful than green energy. When it comes to going green, many environmentally conscious citizens are finding themselves in murky waters, from Texas residents being blocked by homeowner associations from installing solar panels to Colorado residents trying to protect their cities from fracking battles they thought they’d won. It’s not easy being green, especially when profits are involved. Just ask Eric Schirmer of Plano, Texas, who wanted to cut electricity costs and help the environment by installing solar panels on his home’s south-facing roof in his Trails of Glenwood subdivision. With the drop in prices of solar panels in recent years, Schirmer was ready to make the investment and sent in his application. But despite a 2011 Texas law banning homeowners associations from restricting the use of solar power, Schirmer’s request was denied by his HOA. How? A loophole in the law allows developers to prohibit solar panels while a […] Read More

2014: Solar Roadways: The Mind Boggling Possibilities Of Solar Roadways Are Exciting

This is certainly something that you wouldn’t think of right away, nor would it seem like a viable option. But Scott Brusaw and his team are committed to their project and as it gains more steam, the possibility of it becomes more and more real. Roads That Produce Power Solar Roadways are exactly how it sounds, roadways that are made of photovoltaic solar panels. Essentially, the vision promises to cover asphalt roadways across North America with these specially made solar panels so that roadways are not only suitable for driving but can also provide a great deal of electricity generation. Scott Bursaw, the inventor of Solar Roadways, began putting his idea into motion when The US Department of Transportation released a solicitation for an intelligent pavement that could generate power. After applying and receiving funding for his project, Solar Roadways became a reality and a prototype was built. Scott […] Read More