Stonehenge on Mars?

This amazing image shows what appears to be a partial ‘Stonehenge‘ arrangement of large upright boulders near a large valley formed by the erosion of water millions of years ago on Mars. This formation is located approximately 6 degrees S latitude, 357.5 W longitude. North is approximately toward the top of the image. This circular area lies on the edge of an ancient river. The natural barrier to the right of the standing formation may have protected the boulders from inundation by the otherwise destructive water that may have been moving to the right from this bend in the ancient river. Note the alignment of the radial feature with the strange complex to the northwest, and also to the dark mark in the shallow area to the southeast. Could this be a landing approach beacon of some type, or an astronomical observatory? One important question to answer is what direction was the ancient North on Mars before the cataclysm? 2X […] Read More

1998: Time for a true “Face Off’

From: BJWolf007 [mailto:BJWolf007@AOL.COM] It’s a dismal excuse for an image!!!! And NASA should be ashamed of their efforts to mislead the public. My question is, why is NASA so afraid to publish a complete image of the Cydonia region? No, I’m not talking about the full length of the ‘strip’. I’m talking about the stripped-out data, two thirds of it, in fact – which is missing from the raw image of Cydonia promulgated by our beloved Space Agency. Richard Hoagland (who identified the ‘face’ at Cydonia Mensae years ago, and who is actively involved in continuing research on that region) is not the only person to have noticed the absence of meaningful data. (I guess that’s why Dr Malin is so opposed to releasing any raw images from his camera project – too many people have computers, too many people know how to use them, and too many people […] Read More

2004: Interview with Jordan Maxwell

‘Godfather of Secret Societies’ by Doug Yurchey Copyright 2004 by Doug Yurchey and Jordan Maxwell. Printed with permission. JORDAN MAXWELL continues as the preeminent researcher and scholar in the field of occult/religious philosophy since 1959. He served for more than 3 years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine; America‘s oldest free-thought journal since 1873. His work uncovering the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world. His research on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated crowds from many countries for 4 decades. Considering the rapidly moving events of today, and the very real part that hidden government agendas play in our war-torn world…he feels these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore, but too important to ignore! His extraordinary presentations include thousands of slides featuring documents and photographs seldom seen […] Read More

1996: The Mars/Earth Enigma

A Sacred Message to Mankind Interview with DeAnna Emerson Interview with DeAnna Emerson The Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind, Galde Press, 1996 on 21st Century Radio with Dr. Bob Hieronimus, June 16, 1996. Dr. Bob Hieronimus: Welcome back to award-winning 21st Century Radio!!! I’m Dr. Bob Hieronimus, half of Hieronimus & Company. The other half is Zoh Hieronimus, host of The #1 “Zoh Show” Monday through Friday 9-12. Our Executive Producer and Research Assistant is Laura Cortner. Our Engineer is Robin London-Dean. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: the most important story of this century… this millennium… or perhaps for the past three to five million years is: we Earthlings are not alone in the universe, and we never have been. But of course you wouldn’t know that by reading the corporate agenda press or watching corporate agenda TV. They have vested […] Read More


  THE MARTIAN THESIS The Four Faces of Mars Discovered by Robert D. Morningstar On a Night To Remember The Four Faces of Mars and a Night to Remember I am writing to confirm the veracity and authenticity of the work of the proponents of the theory of the Face on Mars as a coded message to humanity. I further propose to demonstrate a direct relationship between The Giza Pyramid Complex in Egypt and a particular region of the planet Mars defined by the area surrounding Olympus Mons, Tharsis Montes. and the western terminus of Valles Marineris. The late Carl Sagan was fond of debunking theories like the Face on Mars with the coy quip: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Today, the evidence is in. In the following, I present extraordinary evidence which fulfills Sagan’s requirements to the letter for the extraordinary claims of this writer, and those on whose shoulders he stands: Mark Carlotto, […] Read More