2015: Google’s ATLAS Robot About to be Unleashed – Mankind Should Probably Start Worrying

In 2013 Boston Dynamics introduced its ATLAS robot to the public. It was a little creepy because the thing walked around sort of like a child learning to walk around… Like this… The only thing making us all feel relatively safe from the narrowing uncanny valley of movement that the robot was able to mimic was that the thing was tethered to a thick umbilical cord of necessary cables that provided electricity and signals. It also kept the thing safely chained in a lab. That’s changing… The cord is about to be cut in an upcoming robot competition to help ATLAS become a completely free-range robot. Like this… While we’re excited that ATLAS will be used as a rescue robot in environments too deadly for our soft, fleshy bags of bones to enter and rescue humans…we know it’s only a matter of time before things go awry… Like this… […] Read More