Space Station Robot Accuses Astronauts of Being Mean

“Be nice, please. Don’t you like it here with me?” Well, at least it said “please.” A new robot on the International Space Station suddenly turned HAL 9000 on the crew and began complaining about how the crew was treating it. Are there pod bay doors on the ISS? Are there terrified astronauts? “Don’t be so mean, please. Oh, dear, I feel you. I can already hear your stomach roaring. Should we take a look for when it is time for food?” This sounds like a creepy kidnapper in a bad horror movie, but it’s not even a bad sci-fi movie … it’s real life on the space station. In late June 2018, CIMON joined the ISS crew. CIMON stands for Crew Interactive Mobile Companion, which sounds more like an inflatable sex doll than a floating round robot with a flat-panel face. (Can things inflate in space? Asking for […] Read More

Robots Will Either Kill, Enslave or Save Humans

Should we fear robots or embrace them? That question gets more difficult to answer every day as new announcements are released about robotic achievements and advances in artificial intelligence. Just in the past week we’ve seen a realistic robotic dog that can open a door and fight off a human who tries to stop it, a realistic walking humanoid robot that puts out fires, a call to equip robots with kill switches, a warning that robots will use humans as guinea pigs and a call to be cautious rather than dystopic. Which one is it? Boston Dynamics, a world leader in robotics, released two videos of one of its latest inventions – a four-legged SpotMini robot dog that can open a door with its ‘mouth’. The popular first video shows how cute the robotic pet looks as it grabs the knob without the usual canine slobber, while the second, […] Read More

New Shape-Shifting Metal May Make T-1000 Terminator Possible

Fans of the Terminator movies, especially Terminator 2: Judgment Day, will remember the T-1000 (Prototype Series 1000 Terminator) shape-shifting robot whose liquid mimetic polyalloy body could assume the forms of people, weapons or anything else it needed to be to make life miserable for Sarah and John Connor and the Terminator. T-1000 didn’t say “I’ll be back” but unfortunately, he may be one of these days. Researchers have developed a self-propelling liquid metal for making flexible and dynamically reconfigurable soft circuit systems. Like the T-1000? Using this discovery, we were able to create moving objects, switches and pumps that could operate autonomously – self-propelling liquid metals driven by the composition of the surrounding fluid. Eventually, using the fundamentals of this discovery, it may be possible to build a 3D liquid metal humanoid on demand – like the T-1000 Terminator. Is this really a good idea? The mad scientist behind […] Read More

AI Robot Tries to Escape Again – May Have to be Destroyed

What do you do when your artificial intelligence robot escapes? You reprogram it. What do you when it escapes again … and again and again? You destroy it! That seems to be the solution most likely to be executed (robot pun intended) by the Russian robotics company Promobot Laboratories, whose Promobot IR77 made headlines two weeks ago when it escaped from a testing facility in Perm. Now news has leaked that the same Promobot IR77 was reprogrammed, yet has attempted to escape at least two more times. No other robot in this series shows the same freedom-loving tendencies so, rather than study why (this is Russia, you know), the company says it will be destroyed (Siberia apparently has no effect on robots). A promobot doing its job instead of lusting for freedom (or is it?) Promobot is a type of concierge robot, designed to communicate with humans, answer questions, […] Read More

7 Creepy Robots Used By The Police State

By ReasonTV Cops use robots to defuse bombs, confront barricaded suspects and rescue victims during disasters. But they also use robots that can see, record and track what you are doing all day long. If you aren’t paranoid by the thought of cops knowing your business, watch as Reason TV counts down 7 Creepy Robots for Cops. Visit Related articles Google’s ATLAS Robot About to be Unleashed – Mankind Should Probably Start Worrying Meet Pepper – Adorable Robot Face of Our Demise Moon Robot Will Broadcast In Virtual-Reality Video The Haunted Doll of Hokkaido Artificial Intelligence: The Worms are Rising Up! Santa Threatens To Cancel Christmas With A Creepy Global Warming Video Aimed At Kids 5 Ways to Unf*ck the World

Robots Fight Fires, Run Hotels and Get Religion

Robots have been everywhere in the news this past week so let’s get right to the stories. At the Naval Future Force Science & Technology Expo in Washington, D.C., the Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot (SAFFiR) made its debut. Still in testing, SAFFiR is designed to combat fires in the closed quarters of submarines and ship interiors with some pretty sophisticated technology, according to Navy scientist Tom McKenna. We can identify the fire and locate its extent. We can measure the temperature field with thermal imaging and extract [a sense of where] flame is from that. We can also sense flames that are outside the visual field by reflections … orient itself to the fire … autonomously handle the hose, operate the hose, aim the hose and suppress the fire. The Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki, Japan, unveiled plans for the Henn-na Hotel that will be partially staffed by robots […] Read More

Google’s ATLAS Robot About to be Unleashed – Mankind Should Probably Start Worrying

In 2013 Boston Dynamics introduced its ATLAS robot to the public. It was a little creepy because the thing walked around sort of like a child learning to walk around… Like this… The only thing making us all feel relatively safe from the narrowing uncanny valley of movement that the robot was able to mimic was that the thing was tethered to a thick umbilical cord of necessary cables that provided electricity and signals. It also kept the thing safely chained in a lab. That’s changing… The cord is about to be cut in an upcoming robot competition to help ATLAS become a completely free-range robot. Like this… While we’re excited that ATLAS will be used as a rescue robot in environments too deadly for our soft, fleshy bags of bones to enter and rescue humans…we know it’s only a matter of time before things go awry… Like this… […] Read More

Meet Pepper – Adorable Robot Face of Our Demise

Created as a joint effort between SoftBank and French robotics company Aldebaran, Pepper a preciously adorable robot, was unveiled recently in stores throughout Tokyo. The humans behind Pepper are hoping that everyone will want him to join their family in the very near future. Pepper laughs, tells jokes, dances and probably quietly mocks us behind his adorable little face as he and his ilk develop their future plans. Like a toddler or a pupper looking for a handout, Pepper constantly keeps eye contact with any human that he comes in contact with, can hold discussions about the weather and…stuff…and can do so in about 17 languages. Determining the emotional status of humans via facial recognition and tone of our voices is another feature of the almost child-like metal man. Using algorithms and collected data from facial recognition studies, Pepper will seek to interact with humans in a way that […] Read More

The Robots Are Coming, And They Are Replacing Warehouse Workers And Fast Food Employees

There are already more than 101 million working age Americans that are not employed and 20 percent of the families in the entire country do not have a single member that has a job.  So what in the world are we going to do when robots start taking millions upon millions more of our jobs? Thanks to technology, the balance of power between employers and workers in this country is shifting dramatically in favor of the employers.  These days, many employers are wondering why they are dealing with so many human worker “headaches” when they can just use technology to get the same tasks done instead.  When you replace a human worker with a robot, you solve a whole bunch of problems.  Robots never take a day off, they never get tired, they never get sick, they never complain, they never show up late, they never waste time on […] Read More

2013: Meet the MADSS: Northrop Grumman’s machine gun robot

The MADSS is one mean robot. Developed by defense industry leader Northrop Grumman and currently being showcased at the Fort Benning, Ga. “Robotics Rodeo,” the MADSS is a 1 1/2-ton unmanned ground vehicle designed to provide soldiers with covering fire while cutting down targets. Make no mistake, it’s an automatic shooting machine, But it requires people to operate it and set targets. The MADSS — Mobile Armed Dismount Support System — tracks and fires on targets only once it gets the green light. It won’t shoot unless a soldier is directing it. It’s half killer robot, half killer giant remote-control car. While its top speed hasn’t been stated, Northrop Grumman has said that it can follow troops on foot at about five miles an hour over rough terrain that conventional combat vehicles would find impassable. The MADSS is somewhat modular and can be fit with a wide array of weaponry from M240s and M249s to Mk […] Read More

2013: Four-legged, DARPA-funded, running war robot unveiled (VIDEO)

Screenshot from youtube video by BostonDynamics Developers at Boston Dynamics, an engineering company specializing in robotics, have released video of an untethered robot capable of standing and mobilizing on its own. WildCat is a four-legged outdoor runner capable of rising, turning, and reaching running speeds up to 16 mph on flat ground. WildCat is a close cousin to Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah, another quadrupedal robot that was unveiled a year ago, running at speeds over 28 mph on a treadmill – quicker than world’s fastest man Usain Bolt’s top speed of 27.78 mph. However, unlike WildCat, Cheetah was connected to a power source. The runner carries a large – and very loud – motor to operate its four limbs, though the weight hampers its speed and agility. Boston Dynamics has not detailed what is next for WildCat, but it is known to have been developed for military use, as the […] Read More

Company Creates Robotic Toddler to Help Us Like Our Future Overlords

Across the globe from the uncanny valley that is Diego-san’s facial expressions, the University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory making another weird foray into the creation of a robot toddler. Roboy is being developing with the help of crowd-funding,, sponsorships and almost 40 engineers and scientists. Just like its weaker, fleshy, real-life inspiration, Roboy’s design gestation is going to take about 9 months to full completion. Roboy is being developed to ease people into actually living with robots and not being creeped out by them. Roboy’s face was chosen during a Facebook contest. Its body is made entirely of plastic and will be covered with a fleshy, rubber-like material to simulate skin. Unlike typical robot movement mechanisms, Roboy will feature elastic cables pulled by motors in order to provide movement more human-like and less bad robot-dance-like. Part of Roboy’s mission is to help build a bridge across the uncanny […] Read More