What is the True Nature of Reality?

The Basics of Quantum Healing by Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. What I hope to do this morning is to give you a brief glimpse into the quantum mechanical body-mind, to at least attempt to understand the exact nature of what the human body is like and also the exact nature of what the Cosmic Body is like. We use terms like mind and body and universe, but what really is the exact nature of these things? What is the mind, what is the body, what’s the exact nature of physical reality? As children, we always had questions like, “Where was I before I was born? What am I doing here? What happens after death? Am I confined to my physical body? Am I just a skin encapsulated ego in a bag of flesh and bones? What really happens to me? Do I have a local address? Where do I […] Read More

1881: The Bright Spot Of Light

Madame, – In the last issue of your valuable journal, a member of the New York Theosophical Society seeks to be enlightened as to the cause of a bright spot of light which he has often seen. I also am equally curious to have an explanation. I attribute it to the highest concentration of the soul. As soon as I place myself in that prescribed attitude, suddenly a bright spot appears before me which fills my heart with delight, this being regarded as a special sign by the Indian devotee that he is in the right path, leading to ultimate success in the Yoga practice, that he is blessed by the special grace of the Almighty. One evening, sitting on the ground cross-legged, in that state of concentration when the soul soars into high regions, I was blessed with a shower of flowers – a most brilliant sight, which […] Read More

1996: Promoting a Sense of Connectedness

ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, MAY 1996, VOL. 2, NO. 3, 39-45. Promoting a Sense of Connectedness among Individuals by Scientifically Demonstrating  the Existence of a Planetary Consciousness? Sperry Andrews Sperry Andrews is the originator and executive director of the Human Connection Project, a scientific and educational media research project designed to test whether it is possible to reinforce the underlying sense that human beings are innately psychologically and physiologically linked, even when in widely separated geographic locations. The subjective experience of feeling consciously connected with others and our environment–to that which is larger than ourselves–has been found to promote physical and mental health, or well-being. Various ways of evaluating this sense of connectedness have been studied under controlled scientific conditions. Through these studies, more has been learned about the effect of connectedness, ways of facilitating a sense of connection, and how to approach some objective understanding of its physical basis and […] Read More