Greeting the Sun ceremony This ceremony is adapted from a lucid dream I had one night. During my Dreamtime journey, I was a Native American maiden accompanied by the tribe’s Medicine Woman, with whom I was in apprenticeship. It was just before Sunrise, the Milky Way spanned the sky, and the celestial dome was filled with twinkling stars. We were facing the East, awaiting the sunrise in silent contemplation. With the first rays of Light, we bowed to the ground, offered sacred herbs, and greeted the Sun. When you first awaken in the morning, face the East. Offer some herbs or a pinch of cornmeal toward the sun. Think about your plans for the day: where you are going to be, who are you are going to be with. Feel your connection to All-That-Is flow through your body. Offer prayers of gratitude for what you have and what is […] Read More