Retailers Panic: 63% Of Americans Plan Not To Shop On Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday, is when the holiday shopping season in the United States traditionally begins and is the day when retailers (at least in the past) finally turned a profit, going from “being in the red” to “in the black.” However, in recent years, this trend has seen turned upside down, with sales on Black Friday slipping, as retailers offer pre-Thanksgiving deals ever earlier than in recent years to capture heavily discounted market share (think OPEC) and draw shoppers as “Black Friday” no longer marks the spending peak at brick-and-mortar chains. According to National Retail Federation data, the number of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers has fallen by nearly a third in just the past three years to 102 million in 2015, from 147 million in 2012, not only as a result of bricks and mortar stores starting the selling season earlier but due to […] Read More

Bee Pollen: 50/1000th Of A Millimeter Particle Is A Complete Superfood

By Christina Sarich Natural Society Bee Pollen is one of nature’s most perfect foods. It is the tiny particles of male flower seeds that are carried from flower to flower on the legs and bodies of bees in the process of pollination. The same ‘magic’ dust which makes several hundred crops grow, also benefits our own health. The miracle of mother nature cannot be made in a laboratory, either. Not one successful batch of artificial bee pollen has ever been made by scientists – but that would be nearly impossible considering that bee pollen is tiny particles from literally hundreds of different flower varieties. If bees are fed man-made pollen, they die. Pollen gathered from bees rather than from flowers themselves is the only true bee pollen. Made up of 40% perfect protein with all the essential amino acids, just one teaspoon of bee pollen contains approximately 2.5 billion grains. A quarter […] Read More

A Basic American Indian Medicine Chest

 ARNICA OIL – for bruises,muscle pain,& sore feet   CALENDULA CREAM – for inflammations,sunburn,&skin disorders   CEDAR LOTION – for general skin treatment & facial care   CORN SILK – for kidney & bladder pains & infections   ECHINACEA CAPSULES – & tincture for colds & infections   ECHINACEA -GOLDENSEAL SALVE – for chapped skin & lips   PUFFBALLS –  for headache treatments,styptics &wounded dressings   SAGE LEAVES – for smudging, purification ,and antiseptic use   SLIPPERY ELM BARK POWDER – for coughs & digestive problems   SWEETGRASS BRAID – for smudging ,purification,& antiseptic use   WITCH HAZEL LOTION – for rashes & skin problems   YARROW POWDER – for pain relief,anesthetic,& antiseptic use   YUCCA ROOT – for soapy cleansing & hair care Related articles Ultimate Detox Mask Inflammation Buster Mask This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body 3 Master Tips To Combat Stress 10 of the Most Evil Medical Experiments Conducted in […] Read More

Francis Bacon – The Making of Gold

This section on the making of gold is included Century IV of Francis Bacon’s Sylva Sylvarum, or a Naturall Historie in ten Centuries… London, 1627, which was part of Bacon’s unfinished Instauratio Magna. This text was transcribed by Marcus Williamson. Experiment Solitary, touching the Making of Gold. The World hath been much abused by the Opinion of Making of Gold: The Worke it selfe I judge to be possible; But the Meanes (hitherto propounded) to effect it, are, in the Practice, full of Errour and Imposture; And in the Theory, full of unsound Imaginations. For to say, that Nature hath an Intention to make all Metals Gold; and that, if she were delivered from Impedients, she would perform her owne Worke; And that, if the Crudities, Impurities, and Leprosities of Metals were cured, they would become Gold ; And that a little Quantity of the medicine, in the Worke […] Read More

2013: America – On The Brink Of Civil War

Due to some viewers having trouble hearing the dialogue, here is a music free version of  America – On The Brink Of Civil War This video shows how the U.S. may be nearing war, without most people knowing. Here is a music version of  America – On The Brink Of Civil War Related articles War & Terror A DWELLER ON TWO PLANETS: Mount Shasta Channelling 101: From Disincarnated Beings, From the Higher Self and Those Faking It The Kardashev Scale – Type I, II, III, IV & V Civilization 1956: Ombues near Viale, Entre Rios, Argentina Close Encounter Has Science Discovered God? Our Multidimensional 12 Chakra System of the 5th Dimension