1995: Mind Control

By Harry V. Martin and David Caul From the Napa Sentinel, Napa, CA, USA Copyright FreeAmerica and Harry V. Martin, 1995 Contents [This table did not appear in the original text and is for the reader’s convenience.] Mind Control in California Prisoners and War Drugs and the Mafia LEAA and Funding for Experiments Reagan Era – Violence Center More on the Violence Center More on Drugs Psychosurgery, black ops Navy school for assassins Soviets, U.S. develop techniques Electronic Weapons Origins in Nazi Germany Dachau and the Space Program   Bibliography Part One in a Series By Harry V. Martin and David Caul Copyright, Napa Sentinel, 1991 There was just a small news announcement on the radio in early July after a short heat wave, three inmates of Vacaville Medical Facility had died in non-air conditioned cells. Two of those prisoners, the announcement said, may have died as a result […] Read More

2002: The Truth About ZP Technology

A Wake-Up Call to the American People an interview with Adam Trombly by Celeste Adams Why can’t Trombly use his own expertise to fuel his own home? Trombly has spent most of his professional life under one gag order or another. But he decided, he told us, “that if I was going to give an interview for this particular publication, I wasn’t going to pull any punches.” If much of this seems overly negative, keep reading. Trombly wants to wake us up, and to shine a light upon things that have been kept dark. But his grounding is deeply spiritual. It’s just that the Divine forces that seek to assist us cannot do so unless we call upon them. “Now, in this moment,” he tells us, “we must come out and ask for help. When we can ask for help, we get it.” Adam Trombly’s revelations will shock you […] Read More