2014: This New Battery Can Charge Phones & Electric Cars In Minutes!

For most of us to fully charge our phone battery, we need to leave it plugged in for at least an hour -with the average life expectancy of the battery being 500 charge cycles; approximately two to three years. But what if you could get a proper power refueling in just a few minutes and a charge that was less taxing on the battery? Scientists at Nangyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore have made significant advancements in creating a new lithium-ion battery that recharges to 70% full in just two minutes and can last up to 20 years. It is expected to last for 10,000 charge cycles over a 20-year lifespan. Perhaps most interestingly, is not that this battery has the power to revolutionize the technology that powers mobile devices, but it’s that it has incredible compatibility with existing battery manufacturing processes and its performance and longevity can be […] Read More

2014: De-Pave Paradise: Driverless Cars Will Kill the Parking Lot

The sharing ecosystem that driverless cars are going to usher in is going to cut down on the number of cars on the road and as a consequence, will kill the modern parking lot. Cities could look completely different with 80 percent fewer cars on the road, you know. The vision (and that number), put forward by Carlos Ratti, director of MIT‘s Sensible City Lab earlier this week, isn’t new: Autonomous cars and buses will supplement public transit by providing “last mile” transport. People will share rides instead of owning cars, cutting down the number of vehicles needed for mobility in congested cities dramatically. “Your car could give you a lift to work in the morning and then, rather than sitting idle in a parking lot, give a lift to someone else in your family—or, for that matter, to anyone else in your neighborhood, social-media community, or city,” Ratti […] Read More