Spying On People In Their Home Is Justified As ‘Good For The Economy’

Corporatism’s New PR Tool: “Limited Hangout” Puff-Pieces On Sunday, Forbes Magazine published an article entitled, Smart Meters: Between Economic Benefits And Privacy Concerns. This is an example of a new type of propaganda we’re increasingly seeing, which could be called a “limited hangout” (ie. partial truth-disclosing) industry puff-piece. The column admits to concerns regarding the eradication of your in-home privacy, but ignores basic facts (such as, economic benefits to whom exactly?), and comes wrapped in a mind-numbing tone attempting to leave the reader with the false idea that there is nothing they can do. The use of this tactic isn’t surprising, with the magazine’s status as voice for mainstream corporate business. Their inherent conflicts of interest make it unlikely that it would present anything other than the perspective that corporates deserve more money and more control. As our film Take Back Your Power was specifically mentioned in the industry […] Read More