2014: Learn what the Northern Lights are and how they are formed

Everyone has always been fascinated at the Northern Lights. To see how the skylights and colored ink is a magical experience. It’s no wonder that the ancient Vikings and the northern towns considered them as a divine manifestation. But nowadays we know they are a phenomenon well understood in its basic principles. Do you also want to know them? Well then let’s go! It’s important to know the Northern Lights are only half of what really happens; Aurora Australis also exist and they take place and are visible from the South Pole. We know more about the Northern Lights because we are closer, but they’re not the only ones there. Both phenomena are produced by the same principles, which are in broad strokes the ionization of atmospheric gas due to solar wind and cosmic rays. The solar wind is composed of electrically charged subatomic particles that reach the Earth with high energy; meanwhile, also cosmic rays are subatomic particles coming with a […] Read More