1911: The Soul of the Indian

THE SOUL OF THE INDIAN An Interpretation BY CHARLES ALEXANDER EASTMAN (OHIYESA) UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA PRESS Lincoln London Copyright, 1911, by Charles Alexander Eastman All rights reserved First Bison Book Printing: 1980 Most recent printing indicated by first digit below: 7 8 9 10 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Eastman, Charles Alexander, 1858-1939. The soul of the Indian. Reprint of the ed. published by Houghton Mifflin, Boston. I. Indians of North America — Religion and mythology. I. Title. [E98.R3E15 1980] 299′.7 79-26355 ISBN 0-8032-1802-8 ISBN 0-8032-6701-0 pbk. Published by arrangement with Eleanor Eastman Mensel and Virginia Eastman Whitbeck Manufactured in the United States of America TO MY WIFE ELAINE GOODALE EASTMAN IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF HER EVER-INSPIRING COMPANIONSHIP IN THOUGHT AND WORK AND IN LOVE OF HER MOST INDIAN-LIKE VIRTUES I DEDICATE THIS BOOK I speak for each no-tongued tree That, spring by spring, doth nobler be, And […] Read More

Life and Death

A CONVERSATION BETWEEN A GREAT EASTERN TEACHER, H. P. B., COLONEL OLCOTT AND AN INDIAN REPORTED BY H. P. BLAVATSKY Master,” said Narayan to Thakur, in the midst of a very hot dispute with the poor Babu, “what is it he is saying, and can one listen to him without being disgusted? He says that nothing remains of the man after he is dead, but that the body of the man simply resolves itself into its component elements, and that what we call the soul, and he calls the temporary consciousness, separates itself, disappearing like the steam of hot water as it cools.” “Do you find this so very astonishing?” said the Master. “The Babu is a Chârvâka 1 and he tells you only that which every other Chârvâka would have told you.” “But the Chârvâkas are mistaken. There are many people who believe that the real man is […] Read More

1998: The Seven Principles of Man

An Ancient Basis for a New Psychology By Leoline L. Wright Published as part of a set in the 1930s and ’40s by Theosophical University Press; Revised Electronic Edition copyright © 1998 by Theosophical University Press. Electronic version ISBN 1-55700-104-9. All rights reserved. This edition may be downloaded for off-line viewing without charge. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial or other use in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of Theosophical University Press. Because of current limitations in ASCII character fonts, and for ease in searching, no diacritical marks appear in the electronic version of the text. CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introductory Chapter 2: The Monad Chapter 3: The Higher Triad Chapter 4: The Lower Quaternary Chapter 5: Kama-Manas — The Personality Chapter 6: We Are Rooted in a Sevenfold Universe Chapter 7: An […] Read More

1556: The Book of Lambspring

A Noble Ancient Philosopher, Concerning the Philosophical Stone; Rendered into Latin Verse by Nicholas Barnaud Delphinas, Doctor of Medicine, a zealous Student of this Art. PREFACE I am called Lambspring, born of a Noble Family, and this Crest I bear with Glory and Justice. Philosophy I have read, and thoroughly understood, The utmost depth of my teachers’ knowledge have I sounded. This God graciously granted to me, Giving me a heart to understand wisdom. Thus I became the Author of this Book, And I have clearly set forth the whole matter,  That Rich and Poor might understand. There is nothing like it upon earth;  Nor (God be praised) have I therein forgotten my humble self. I am acquainted with the only true foundation: Therefore preserve this Book with care, And take heed that you study it again and again. Thus shall you receive and learn the truth, And use […] Read More

1935: Beyond Human Personality

Being a detailed description of the Future life purporting to be communicated by the late F. W. H. Myers [Frederic William Henry Myers, 1843-1901] Containing an account of the gradual development of human personality into cosmic personality through GERALDINE CUMMINS “For it has been my lot to be concerned in a work more important and more successful than anything in my own capacity or character could have led me to expect. I have been one of the central group concerned in a great endeavor; the endeavor to pierce, by scientific methods, the world-old, never-penetrated veil. The movement which took overt shape in 1882, with the formation of the Society for Psychical Research, was aided indeed by help from other quarters, but in its essential character was the conception of a few minds, and was piloted through its early dangers by a small group of intimate friends. With this endeavor […] Read More

The Bear Warrior: A Native American Myth

One of my favorite Native American myths growing up was that of the Bear Warrior. According to legend, the warrior desperately wanted to find love. However, he did not want to be loved for his good looks, his family’s wealth, or even his skills. He wanted to be loved for his heart. The warrior prayed for guidance in finding his true love. In response, the Great Spirit turned the brave into a bear. “I don’t understand,” cried the young brave. “What did I do wrong? Is it bad to pray for true love?” The Great Spirit sent a deer to explain his actions to the warrior. “You said you didn’t want to be loved for your good looks, your family’s wealth, or your skills,” said deer. “In this form you will not be.” “But what maiden will want to marry a bear?” questioned the warrior. “I can’t even go home in this form. If I do, I will be […] Read More