2015: How Having a Baby Can Land a Woman in Jail

Medical professionals contend that drug addiction is a disease. So why do we throw women in jail for being addicted to drugs while pregnant? Terry*, a nervous, soft-spoken blonde, is crying when she says being pregnant felt like a dream. That’s because when she walked into the hospital she was pregnant and when she walked out she wasn’t pregnant anymore, but she didn’t have her baby, either. Two days before the birth of her daughter, Terry had popped some roxicodone. She had tried hard to be good and kicked her habit for a while, but she was stressed about the baby and took the pills. That relapse, the latest of many over the years, had not made for a fun party. “I wanted to be clean so bad that I remember, literally, doing the drugs with tears streaming my cheeks,” she says. She prayed to God to put a bubble […] Read More

2014: Are Vapers Just the Latest Drug Users to Be Demonized?

Vapers and e-cig users need to join forces with the drug reform movement to fend off prohibitionist impulses. New Year’s Eve is around the corner and no doubt millions of smokers will make resolutions to quit. Many smokers would love to give up the habit. But smoking is an incredibly hard addiction to quit. Many heroin users say it is harder to quit smoking than quitting heroin. Thankfully, there is an exciting new tool that is helping millions give up on smoking: e-cigs and vaping. Stand on the streets of most major U.S. cities for five minutes and you will see people walking by with an e-cig instead of a cigarette hanging from their mouth. It is encouraging how fast e-cigs and vaping have taken off. Smokers aren’t stupid. When offered a safer alternative, millions have chosen it. The fact that e-cigs can be purchased at most delis and […] Read More