Police SWAT Raid On Organic Farm After Tomato Plants Mistaken For Marijuana

A SWAT team composed of between 15 to 20 officers raided an organic farm, named the “Garden of Eden” and it was all because they mistook tomato plants for marijuana! The commune in Arlington, Texas, was subject to a raid all because police had convinced themselves that the community “must” be growing marijuana. A federal lawsuit filed by five victims of the SWAT raid, noted that the justification for this armed assault on their farm all boiled down to the police mistaking tomato plants for marijuana. In the search warrant affidavit, Exhibit A in the lawsuit, Arlington Detective Magdalena Perez stated that commune leader Quinn Eaker possessed “a usable quantity of marijuana of two ounces or less” in Arlington “on or about July 30, 2013.” The Houston Chronicle reported that “a search of Arlington court records turned up no marijuana or other drug charges in Eaker’s name.” Reason magazine notes that Perez cited the Garden […] Read More

Bathing Man Grabbed By Testicles and Beaten; SWAT Lied to Get Raid

Amanda Warren Activist Post Chad Chadwick, a Texas man with a clean record, is still trying to live down the multiple nightmares unleashed upon him by a SWAT team three years ago. Because none of those nightmares ended with the lurid and violent raid. What would precipitate a raid for someone who had never broken the law? A tip, of course. Apparently, a friend reported him to the Missouri City police concerning his emotional well-being. When someone’s down and out – who you gonna call? None other than SWAT – who eagerly went down to business. They decided they needed some semblance of justification to SWAT this guy. So they unequivocally fabricated a complete lie to a judge in order to get approval. They said he had taken some hostages… They knew this was untrue – they came up with it. My Fox Houston also claims that SWAT was […] Read More