Mom Calls 911 for Mental Help With Her Son, Cops Show Up, Tase Him to Death While He’s Restrained

The parents maintain that the deputies were never in danger and that their son was not armed. Coweta County, GA—On November 20, sheriff deputies in Coweta County, Georgia were summoned to help subdue a man having a psychotic breakdown. They ended up tasing him to death. Chase Sherman, 32, his fiancée, and his parents, Kevin and Mary Ann Sherman, were returning from a vacation. During a layover at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta, Sherman started having hallucinations and acting agitated. According to his father, he “got nervous … about planes crashing, and he just didn’t feel comfortable on a plane…. He thought nobody recognized him. I said, ‘Chase, we’re fine. We’re going to get a car and drive home.’ He didn’t know where he was at.” They rented a car to drive the rest of the way to their home in Florida.  Sherman’s fiancée told his parents that he may […] Read More

2015: Car Shot With Taser by Border Agents Bursts Into Flames: “Just How Much is the Public Going to Take?”

How widespread are the problems with excessive force by law enforcement in this country? This shocking video once again raises questions about how much “less lethal” weapons like tasers really are during high stakes law enforcement encounters. Dashcam video shows several Border Patrol agents descending on a vehicle at night, with one agent breaking through the passenger window and firing a taser at the driver, causing the vehicle to burst into flames. The driver, Alex Martin, was killed in the ensuing explosion from the March 2012 incident, prompting a lawsuit filed by the victim’s family against the federal government blaming the weapon once considered “non-lethal” for igniting the fatal fire. According to the lawsuit, the border agents refused to help save the driver, who was burned, despite having fire extinguishers in their vehicles. The driver had reportedly led unmarked Border Patrol vehicles on a high speed chase for several […] Read More

Bathing Man Grabbed By Testicles and Beaten; SWAT Lied to Get Raid

Amanda Warren Activist Post Chad Chadwick, a Texas man with a clean record, is still trying to live down the multiple nightmares unleashed upon him by a SWAT team three years ago. Because none of those nightmares ended with the lurid and violent raid. What would precipitate a raid for someone who had never broken the law? A tip, of course. Apparently, a friend reported him to the Missouri City police concerning his emotional well-being. When someone’s down and out – who you gonna call? None other than SWAT – who eagerly went down to business. They decided they needed some semblance of justification to SWAT this guy. So they unequivocally fabricated a complete lie to a judge in order to get approval. They said he had taken some hostages… They knew this was untrue – they came up with it. My Fox Houston also claims that SWAT was […] Read More

2014: No Real Limitations on Tasers Used for Minor Infractions or Just Because

Amanda Warren Activist Post The Atlantic recently did a piece highlighting the use of tasers by law enforcement and the National Park Service on people for light infractions. The darkly comedic or disturbing title is: Zap! Should the State Keep Shocking Citizens to Enforce Minor Laws? A rhetorical question with this possible answer: “WTF, No!” The url words are also notable: “modest-limits-on-when-the-state-can-electrocute-americans.” It centers around Californian Gary Hesterberg jogging with his unleashed terrier which he then leashed. It ended with a National Park Service woman deploying taser barbs in his back and calling for backup. The twists and turns are well written in-depth and are interesting. But… Bottom line: he just barely won his case. BARELY. It really isn’t encouraging. Ironically, it actually sets more uncomfortable precedents about the use of tasers by the National Park Service, especially if you read the entire thing. But the point is – why […] Read More

2014: Outrageous Video: Cops Tase and Arrest Man for Sitting and Not Stating His Name

The man, black of course, was just sitting and waiting to pick up his kids. Video posted online on Tuesday depicts the arrest and Tasing of an unidentified Black man in St. Paul, Minnesota for seemingly little reason other than his refusal to state his name, the Twin Cities Daily Planet reported. “Why am I going to jail?” the man can be heard saying toward the end of the nearly 6-minute long clip. “It’ll be explained to you,” a male officer responds. The video, which seemed to have been taken on a cell phone this past winter, begins with a female officer walking beside the man and asking for his name. “Why do I have to let you know who I am?” the man asks. “I don’t have to let you know who I am if I haven’t broken any laws.” Minnesota does not currently have a “stop and […] Read More

2013: Police Kill 19-Year-Old Iowan Who Drove Off In Parents’ Truck

The boy and his father bickered over a pack of cigarettes. Now, after a shocking incident of police brutality, the teenager is dead Police shot dead a 19-year-old who drove off in his father’s truck Monday, after a dispute with his father over a pack of cigarettes. According to audio dispatches, police knew it was the boy’s father who called the police after a minor argument.  But police pursued the moving vehicle onto the Iowa State University campus and fired six shots into the vehicle after Tyler Comstock refused to turn the car off and revved his engine. “It was over a damn pack of cigarettes. I wouldn’t buy him none,” Tyler’s father, James Comstock, told the DesMoines Register. “And I lose my son for that.” The truck that Tyler took was a white and green lawn care vehicle with a trailer on the back. And the family questions why […] Read More