2017: Two People Spot ‘Thunderbird’ in California

Calif. — A man in Sacramento County on Friday said he saw an unidentified winged creature. 74-year-old D.R. told Cryptozoology News he was driving on State Route 16 near Rancho Murieta when the incident took place on the night of July 15. “It was around 11:45 p.m.,” said the piano technician. “I was driving home from a performance in Fiddletown, near Plymouth,” he added. The Californian claims that he was driving at around 65 mph when the “huge bird” showed up. “It swooped down from my left and leveled off in front of my vehicle, and flew along in front of me about 20 to 30 feet in front of me. I instinctively hit the brakes when this object appeared in front of our car,” he explained. He didn’t specify who the other person in the vehicle was. The man described the creature as a 30-feet-wide black bird with “features similar […] Read More

2016: Giant Bird Seen in Wyoming

Thermopolis, Wyo. — A registered nurse says she saw a giant bird in Hot Springs County that he claims were not able to immediately identify. The 35-year-old Oklahoma native, who asked to remain anonymous, told Cryptozoology News that he was driving north on Buffalo Creek Rd on his way to Thermopolis when he came upon the unusual sighting about a month ago. “I observed a large dark raptor lift up off of the roadway,” she said. “I was struck by its large size and rapacious nature. It hit a ridge and soared up approximately 40 meters where it glided to a perch across the gorge to the east. It perched their broadside to me, approximately 300 meters away. After perching, I was able to glass it with 8x binoculars for the majority of the time. It would eventually fly directly up over the ridge just beyond the gorge where it […] Read More

2012: Large bird like creature seen in Fresno skies

By weirdfresno Last week while attending the monthly Fresno Filmmakers Alliance mixer, a friend of mine approached me and asked me if I knew of any thunderbird sightings in the Fresno area as his wife and young son had recently spotted a large bird-like creature with a wing span estimated to be more than 12 feet in width. For those who don’t know what a Thunderbird is, it’s a term used in the cryptozoological world to describe large bird-like creatures that are associated with the Thunderbird of Native American mythology. Most thunder-birds sightings are of the feathered type, although some sightings have reported the creatures to have lizard-like features similar to a pterosaur. Modern Thunderbird sightings go back over 100 years with one of the first stories reportedly occurring in April 1890 in Arizona where two cowboys killed a giant bird-like creature with a huge wingspan. It was described […] Read More